“We don’t have that right now, no.”

Shorter Georgia offensive linemen:  of all the defensive lines in the world, our program certainly has one of them.


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  1. Charlottedawg

    Off topic but, senator, what’s it like to have your alma mater win a national championship? Us Georgia grads have always wondered what it’s like.

    Also how delicious was the schadenfreude when Auburn gave the game away by fouling the 3 point shooter?


    • Hey, it’s not my first experience! I was in New Orleans for UGA’s national title.

      Really proud of this UVa team. There are a lot of programs that could learn something about mental toughness from it.

      I have to say that I was surprised by how classy the Auburn team was in response to a devastating loss. Good for them. Their fans, on the other hand…

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      • UGA’13

        Meanwhile, this Georgia & Texas Tech grad is wondering if he’s cursed to watch his teams lose in overtime forever. Helluva game though, and it’s hard to be upset when both teams are playing for their first national championship. Hope to see y’all back there next year.


      • PTC DAWG

        I heard Pearl on the radio yesterday morning..you’re right, he handled it very well.

        I do think it was a foul, but I would not have called it at that point in the game…the double dribble on the other hand….just a miss…clutch free throws by the VA player though, no doubt.


  2. The stats on how long it’s been since we had a DL drafted (2013) and selected first-team all-SEC (2007) are depressing.


  3. Bill Glenon

    UGA DL motto: “Just plateau baby”


  4. GruvenDawg

    We wonder why our DL recruiting has not been good, it’s because we haven’t been putting out a ton of draft picks at the position. Kirby can let those guys make some noise this year and it will pay off on the trail. I really hope to see more aggressiveness from that unit this year in ALL the games and not just the big ones. Tua and Trevor need to be hearing footsteps in their sleep after watching film on our defense.


    • Macallanlover

      I think your premise is exactly right. Even though top recruits can see a way onto the field at DL, they continue to shun us, unlike every other position where we are stacked deep. Definitely a correlation between success in the draft/award selections and our woes at DL. Some of that shortfall is our use of the DL in a read and react technique and taking body blows so the LBs can clean up. Virtually no penetration from our DL, hoping our new attention to the “havoc theory” will result in some of guys succeeding in disrupting things and adding to TFL stats. Don’t have to turn them loose in every situation but let’s make the opposing OL prove they can block us occasionally, might shock them if we move forward.