Georgia, I don’t even know you anymore.

I hope you’re sitting down for this.

While Georgia is ramping up its football schedule by adding attractive power five conference teams, an FCS opponent that was slated to come to Sanford Stadium now won’t.

Indiana State and Georgia mutually agreed to cancel their game in Sanford Stadium that was scheduled for the 2023 season, Indiana State athletic director Sherard Clinckscales told the Athens Banner-Herald in an email.

That’s right — Butts-Mehre just cancelled a cupcake game.  And it’s probably for this:

The only nonconference game currently on the Georgia schedule for 2023 is the annual game with Georgia Tech.

Georgia added games with Florida State in 2027 and 2028 and two more games with Clemson in 2032 and 2033.

Georgia and Oklahoma are in talks about scheduling a game in Norman in 2023, according to The Athletic, with a return game in the next decade. An Oklahoma spokesman last week would say only there are no agreements with Georgia.

Be still my heart.  And kudos to those responsible.

BTW, you gotta love Georgia getting out of paying the $500k cancellation fee.  No doubt McGarity does.


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14 responses to “Georgia, I don’t even know you anymore.

  1. Bright Idea

    I’m glad I read the article. It said that Indiana State asked to cancel the game and B-M agreed.


    • Agreed. Kind of a letdown. There is a big difference between “ISU cancelled because Indiana had a slot open up” and “UGA dumped them because OKLAHOMA”. Not saying it won’t happen, but from the article’s info, that is a large leap.

      Anyone else just shake their head at the whole “oklahoma promises a return game next decade”? Sounds like Auburn is on line 2.


  2. stoopnagle

    I wish some consideration would be given to Pac-12 teams. I’d love to go to Washington, Stanford, Cal, or Oregon along with the UCLA h/h and Oregon game at MBS.


    • Macallanlover

      That would be my hope too but doesn’t sound like that is on anyone’s agenda. Washington or Oregon would be my top two choices.


      • ATL Dawg

        Washington or Oregon would be amazing. The weather in the Pacific Northwest is really nice in late August/early September.


    • Trbodawg

      I was truly pissed when the Oregon series was canceled


    • Russ

      I’d like to see it as well, but with an open date or cupcake as a follow up. The travel would put a damper on prepping for a “good” follow up team.


  3. This is great … I have to assume the other slot is going to a Fun Belt or MAC opponent along with Fech. I personally don’t get the obsession with scheduling a home/home with Oklahoma. I would rather see a Big 10 opponent.


  4. Boz

    Plucked this nugget too: “I think with 85 scholarships, if that remains, you can put a quality team together and play those kinds of teams.” “If that remains” must have meaning and CKS is on the mother.


  5. Why would any athletic department schedule UGA (at this point in time or the next 10 years)….we go there, take their lunch monie$, win/beat/kick the shit out of them by the end of the 3rd quarter @ their house (in front of their alumni, family, dates…supposedly), start bringing their prized recruits to UGA and then have to come to GAWDS country to play a return date…it just ain’t fair!

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  6. Hobnail_Boot

    If you look at the home/road splits on our future OOC scheduling, notice that the road games are usually in the odd years (when we play at MRF@BDS) and the home games are when the nerds come to Athens.

    UCLA, Clemson, and FSU follow this trend (as would a ‘23 trip to Norman). Minor quibble, but still seems a bit unbalanced.