Next, they’ll be building statues to him.

Boy, Dan Mullen can be an arrogant bugger when it suits him.  Listen to what he says about Felipe Franks.

“There are three statues in front of the stadium that make playing quarterback at Florida different than almost every other school in America,” Mullen says. “There’s no bigger job in the SEC than being the quarterback at Florida. So with that comes a lot of responsibility. What did he end up with 31 touchdowns and six interceptions last year? A lot of places, you’re up there. Not here. You better come to grips with that.”

What he’s pitching there is that Franks isn’t getting the adulation normally due him because he’s the Florida quarterback, that a guy who posted a ninth-best 124.69 passer rating in league play would ordinarily be a household name we’d be singing hosannas to but for his unfortunate choice of uniform colors.  Yeah, sure.

You’d think if there really were no bigger job in the SEC than being Florida’s quarterback, they’d have found a great one after Tebow left.


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12 responses to “Next, they’ll be building statues to him.

  1. Got Cowdog

    Reminds me of a time when a certain OC at UGA allowed his QB’s to “season” for 4 seasons before handing over the starting job. They may have been seasoned but no amount of seasoning can make up for slow-feet, noodle arms, or color blindness.
    But they had great command of the playbook. Really well seasoned. Seasoned, seasoned seasoned.
    Good lord I’m having a flashback…..


  2. Greg

    “31 touchdowns and 6 interceptions”??

    At first, I thought he was speaking of Fromm…cause that sounds awfully close. Did Franks finish with this?? If so, he certainly improved.


    • That includes his rushing TDs.


      • 18 of those TD’s came against five teams; two in the FCS (Charleston Southern and Idaho) and three that didn’t make bowls (Colorado State, Tennessee, and FSU).

        His stats against legit FBS competition are pretty pedestrian in comparison. I legitimately don’t get the hype he, and Mullen as a QB whisperer, are getting this offseason just because Franks didn’t look completely lost last year and generally padded his pretty middling stats against crap competition.


  3. Hambone

    Danny Boy is exactly what we needed in this rivalry. Keep running your mouth pal, the Cocktail Party is not that far away

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    • I don’t remember him being so arrogant at MSU, but to be fair I didn’t hear/read many Mullen quotes for obvious reasons. I love him running his mouth – Especially for a team you’ve crushed the past few years. Keeps the players laser focused. Kirby truly wants to crush his soul and bury his career.


  4. stoopnagle

    Maybe he’d get more accolades if he could throw the slant. GET IT?

    Or, I don’t know, hit the open guy on the flea flicker?


  5. Biggen

    UF has a depleted OL. Let’s see how he does this year with that…


  6. Dawg in Austin

    If killing it only against FCS and under-.500 FBS is really killing it for Mullen and Florida these days, it makes me happy.


  7. If he doesn’t make it at FU as a qb, he could get the concession stand statue at FU…there’s a great hot dog/weiner franchise name in there…! GO DAWGS!


  8. 86BONE

    We gonna beat the ever living dog💩out of them next year!