Today, in preseason happy talk

World, don’t say you weren’t warned.

New offensive coordinator James Coley is getting the backs more involved in he pass game, Swift said, and bringing new looks.

“A lot of exotic stuff on offense,” Swift said, “that the world will have to look out for this season from the Georgia Bulldogs.”

Of all the words I could think of to associate with Georgia’s offense, exotic would be about the last one.


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10 responses to “Today, in preseason happy talk

  1. Rival

    Wheeeeeeel roouuuuuutes


    • Macallanlover

      It will take decades to offset the many times we have burned by opponents’ wheel routes, but let the process begin. Even if we have some exotic touches in our offense, we still have to use them in games, not get dusty in the unused portions of the playbook. As with letting defensive talent bring havoc onto the field, we also have to take the bridle off the offensive talent enough to keep opposing defenses honest throughout the game. I will enjoy a few wheel routes, but I will know we are getting close to our potential when we can run an honest to goodness screen pass. Hope springs eternal.


  2. Otto

    I like this on the surface as it was a gripe in the past that smaller RBs who were great in space did not see the field as they could not block. A RB who can’t block as well as other can still pull a defender, if the down field passing threat is a legit threat.


  3. FlyingPeakDawg

    Deep threat, slot threat, TE seam route, wheel route….exotic.


  4. doofusdawg

    What’s the over/under on reverses this year considering we ran one or two the previous three years. Me thinks the bunch formation is hiss…tow…reee.


  5. Russ

    I’m dreaming of a play where we pull a couple of linemen, have a FB and TE out front, and the QB pitches the ball in a lateral direction to a running back following the lead of the linemen, FB and TE towards the side of the field before turning towards the goal line. I’ll call it the “Toss Sweep”.


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      Well, first, we’d have to get a FB. I still think McBride would be good there. Maybe the coaches disagree or maybe he doesn’t want to go on offense, but my armchair eyes think he could make a big difference as a FB, both blocking and toting the rock on occasion.


    • doofusdawg



  6. Got Cowdog

    Isn’t Walter Grant playing RB this spring?
    I wouldn’t mind seeing some bubble screens and swing passes to go with Russ’s toss sweep.


  7. Pedro

    Can’t stop laughing. Thank you Russ.