Wednesday morning buffet

Morsels and nuggets, just for you:

  • Zamir White’s teammates are waiting for him.
  • According to the “Madness, Inc.” report, $986 million is spent annually on student-athlete scholarships at these schools to support 45,000 student athletes. That ends up being just under $22,000 per student. By comparison, approximately $1.2 billion is spent annually on coaches’ salaries to pay just 4,400 coaches. That averages out to about $273,000 per coach per year.”
  • In addition to (allegedly) murdering several hookers, Ted Cruz is accused of doing the same to Texas Tech’s national championship dreams.
  • Robert Beal was back at practice yesterday, so running those stadium steps must have paid off.
  • Another state looks at a bill allowing for student-athlete compensation.
  • Alabama and Oklahoma have scheduled a home and home for… 2032 and 2033.
  • There’s only one class in America like this“The conversation started with a question about using plays suggested by prison inmates and quickly shifted to a Valdosta State custodian named Big John who once offered a helpful tip for the school’s offensive linemen.”
  • Just curious — how much of a say-so do you think Fulmer had in the hire of Tee Martin?
  • Somebody obviously doesn’t pay attention to who’s in the stands for those cupcake games:  “(G-Day) is awesome,” quarterback Jake Fromm said. “It’s really better than a home game because you have only your fans there…”


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7 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. Bright Idea

    I expected Tee Martin to get the OC job at UT but somehow they preferred Chaney at a high price. Fulmer could have certainly influenced the play calling with Tee but likely be in Chaney’s ear too.


  2. Remember the Quincy

    Re: the Zamir White story, anyone who can’t spell Herschel Walker’s name correctly shouldn’t be a UGA beat writer.


    • mwo

      I almost posted the same thing this morning when I read the story. Dude lost credibility in a hurry when I saw that.


  3. Russ

    I really hope Zeus comes back strong. We could use him, and he seems like a great kid, so I hope he has a great career.


  4. whb209

    In the name of ‘amateurism,’ college athletes make money for everyone except themselves | Opinion…..
    I will not be tricked into making a comment about paying players


  5. gastr1

    Bet there are a lot of cute chicks in that Mike Leach class.


  6. UGA '97

    UT is surrounded by leaders who know what championships are all about. Tee Martin, Pruitt, Chaney, Fulmer… TBD though if its the right recipe of coaches.