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Another one of those April-ish posts

Over at Dawgs247, Jake Rowe takes a stab at projecting an offensive depth chart, based on practice observations and (I presume) background chatter.  I’m not going to say there are a huge number of surprises there, but my advanced degree in internet tea leaf reading leads me to a couple of observations.

One, Demetris Robertson, despite the positive words we’ve heard about him from Smart this spring, hasn’t climbed to a number one spot in the rotation at either slot or flanker.  Whether that’s due to not yet having a complete mastery of the playbook or (more likely) not being a robust enough blocker, I can’t say.  I’m sure it’s a fluid situation, though, and as his work ethic continues to garner praise, it’s certainly not unlikely this could change.

Two, I continue to marvel at the concept of Clay Webb, runt of the offensive line litter.  How many programs have the luxury of bringing a talent like his along at their leisure?

Your thoughts?



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Some thoughts on Florida’s schedule

There’s one mistake in this Sporting News piece, as the Gators’ opener against Miami has been moved back a week at Mickey’s request.  The end result is a pretty soft road for Florida:  the rare bye week trifecta, two games against FCS cupcakes and only three games against preseason ranked opponents — all three being SEC teams.  Throw in the rebuilding status of both Miami and FSU, Tennessee being a home game, and that’s a recipe for no worse than a 9-3 season.

It’s also soft enough that with a properly placed upset (technically, beating Auburn wouldn’t be an upset), Dan Mullen could be crowing about a real division race this season.


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On their way to a roster near you

Kipp Adams goes through the list of the 2019 signees who haven’t made it to campus this spring.  It’s an interesting combination of likely redshirts (mostly linemen, naturally) and guys who, despite not arriving until the summer, have a shot at being contributors this season, either because they’re coming in at a position of need (see, tight end), are grad transfers with a short time fuse, or are obviously too skilled to let sit (hello, Blaylock and Pickens).

There’s a lot to get excited about there.  Anybody in particular catch your eye?


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Today’s burning question

Or, perhaps I should say Barning question:  which of the four vying to become Auburn’s next starting quarterback gets the coveted potential Heisman winner tag first?


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Musical palate cleanser, another anniversary edition

Dylan’s Nashville Skyline turns 50.  I can’t say it’s one of my favorite albums of his, but, damn, do I love this song.


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