On their way to a roster near you

Kipp Adams goes through the list of the 2019 signees who haven’t made it to campus this spring.  It’s an interesting combination of likely redshirts (mostly linemen, naturally) and guys who, despite not arriving until the summer, have a shot at being contributors this season, either because they’re coming in at a position of need (see, tight end), are grad transfers with a short time fuse, or are obviously too skilled to let sit (hello, Blaylock and Pickens).

There’s a lot to get excited about there.  Anybody in particular catch your eye?


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14 responses to “On their way to a roster near you

  1. Dave

    Pickens and Blaylock are interesting, because to my recollection, it’s really the one position on offense where we haven’t seen a true freshman be a significant contributor yet under Smart.

    I think that’s more to do with the returning talent in past years, and there would appear to be fewer WRs on the roster that one might already be penciling in (JJ Holloman is probably the only one). There is a lot of talent on the roster, but nobody is really a shoe-in.

    Blaylock seems extremely polished coming out of HS, and of course Pickens has freakish talent and measurables, so it will be fun to see how it goes.


  2. The defensive linemen for me … and it’s not even close. We need quality depth ready to play now. Hopefully, Walker can put on some good weight (unlike me) and still be as freakishly athletic as he appears to be. Zion Logue is intriguing as well to be that bigger guy who can occupy OLs.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Agree. Not sure who will step up out of Walker, Norton, Logue, Mitchell and Walthour. Only Walthour is on campus. Wyatt and Davis worked mop-up duty early last season, but by the season’s end they were in the regular rotation. I see the same scenario happening this year.


  3. Travon Walker tops the list due to his position. Pickens is a close second due to his talent, but I’m still concerned about him getting into school.


  4. GruvenDawg

    I really would have liked to see Walker enroll early. He could have gotten in the S&C program and there were a lot of reps this spring he could have gotten with the injuries on the DL. I would love to see Blaylock step up and offer depth at slot and PR, however getting here in the summer it may be too much to expect him to pick up the playbook prior to the back half of the season, Same can be said for Pickens.

    McIntosh is my guy I want to have an impact. I think he can produce some short yardage and tough yardage gains or be used as one of the hammers in the 4th quarter. He can hopefully give us 4-5 carries a game. Selfishly I want McIntosh to be successful because that means we should be able to bring Zeus along slowly during the first 1/2-3/4 of the season and have him ready for the last month.


  5. David H.

    Most of the guys listed in that article appear to be long-term contributors rather than major 2019 contributors. Wolf at tight end and possibly a couple of the WRs could be exceptions to that. I think the major 2019 contributors are already on campus.


  6. RynoRedhawk

    I might have missed this entirely – but did Pickens’ take care of business with his qualifying exams?

    I know that was an issue at NSD.


    • Macallanlover

      Reports I have read say he has gotten the score he needs, just needs to pass two classes. See more optimism on this than we heard on NSD, ain’t over till it’s over but has me feeling better. Will get a late start but he has impressive natural skills in a position where that matters a lot. No report on him blocking though. 🙂