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Wait… you were serious about that?

C’mon, Athlon.


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“We don’t want to ever not have a player as good as another guy out there…”

Honestly, I don’t know how Kirby does an interview about the offensive line without cackling and rubbing his hands together.  Or at least a mild giggle…


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Don’t dream it’s over.

Here’s a reminder from Barry Alvarez ($$) that when they say settling it on the field, it usually doesn’t mean what you think that means.

What is your opinion on potentially expanding the College Football Playoff?

I was vocal about that probably three or four months ago when I was asked. I was on the initial committee and I thought four teams in the playoff was good. It was great. It was much better than the two-team playoff decided by computers. Because I wanted to know who’s programming those computers and what are they putting in? I was never satisfied with that. I thought four really helped college football. I thought that would be it.

But when our league is left out of the playoff for three years in a row, I’m not happy with that. I don’t think that we have followed the criteria set by the commissioners in naming those four teams. There’s a way you can go to eight teams very easily, starting a week early with a bye with the top four seeds. You can go to eight teams easily. There are eight teams that really could have a chance to win. So I think that it will expand. I just don’t know when.  [Emphasis added.]

It isn’t a real college football playoff if the Big Ten doesn’t participate.

By the way, Alvarez thinks there’s an opt-out clause in the current deal that kicks in next year.  I have no idea if that’s true, but be prepared for some heavy duty lobbying if that’s the case and the SEC manages to put two teams in the semis again.  The best of the best, bitchez!



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Just because they entered the transfer portal doesn’t mean they’re ready.

I’ve already mentioned Justin Fields’ less than stellar spring game outing Saturday.  It looks like the kid he inspired to jump to Miami had an even worse day.

It was a rough public debut for Tate Martell. His first pass was a wobbler for Miami’s first three-and-out of the game. His first series against the Hurricanes’ first-team defense ended with an interception by defensive back DJ Ivey, when the quarterback threw into heavy traffic. One fan tried to start an “Overrated” chant for the highly touted transfer from the Ohio State Buckeyes, but no one followed,

Even in the second half when Miami let Martell run its second-team offense against the third-team defense, the redshirt junior struggled to move the ball. On his first drive of the third quarter, Martell began with a throw behind a receiver, tripped while going back for a play-action pass, then threw a third-down pass about 10 yards short of his target. Maybe the ball was tipped on a couple of those wobbly throws, but that’s an issue, too, for the 5-foot-11 quarterback.

Has anybody given serious thought to the idea that maybe programs aren’t sending their best and brightest through the portal?  Who knows, maybe this is a self-solving problem if coaches are a little more patient.


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Per Bill King, the powers that be have discarded, as Bill puts it, “… last year’s dumb idea of trying to direct you to sit in a section near the gate you entered.

So if you’re planning on going Saturday, you can sit anywhere you like with the exceptions of the club level and Section 141.

The alumni flag football game is set for 11:15 a.m., the Dawg Walk for 12:50 p.m., and the game (to be televised live by the SEC Network) will kick off at 2 p.m.

Right now, Saturday’s weather calls for overcast conditions at game time with a high that looks to be in the upper fifties.

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“There shouldn’t be a rush. No seventh-grader should be faced with that decision.”

I’m not sure the header quote needs elaboration, but, in case you’re interested, the N.C.A.A. Division I Council is considering a proposal that would ban all recruiting contact between coaches and athletes until June 15 of the prospective student’s sophomore year in high school.

What would Lane Kiffin do with all that extra time?


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Today, in retina searing

I’ve seen some ugly uniforms in my time, but this Michigan State get up is… just, wow.

There’s a fine line between ugly and hideous.  That uniform eradicates the line.  Man, and to think somebody got paid for this.


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