Just because they entered the transfer portal doesn’t mean they’re ready.

I’ve already mentioned Justin Fields’ less than stellar spring game outing Saturday.  It looks like the kid he inspired to jump to Miami had an even worse day.

It was a rough public debut for Tate Martell. His first pass was a wobbler for Miami’s first three-and-out of the game. His first series against the Hurricanes’ first-team defense ended with an interception by defensive back DJ Ivey, when the quarterback threw into heavy traffic. One fan tried to start an “Overrated” chant for the highly touted transfer from the Ohio State Buckeyes, but no one followed,

Even in the second half when Miami let Martell run its second-team offense against the third-team defense, the redshirt junior struggled to move the ball. On his first drive of the third quarter, Martell began with a throw behind a receiver, tripped while going back for a play-action pass, then threw a third-down pass about 10 yards short of his target. Maybe the ball was tipped on a couple of those wobbly throws, but that’s an issue, too, for the 5-foot-11 quarterback.

Has anybody given serious thought to the idea that maybe programs aren’t sending their best and brightest through the portal?  Who knows, maybe this is a self-solving problem if coaches are a little more patient.


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21 responses to “Just because they entered the transfer portal doesn’t mean they’re ready.

  1. 3rdandGrantham

    All I know is NFL draft experts have Fromm being a 1st round pick in next year’s draft, in which Fromm almost certainly will be gone at the end of this year. Surely Smart knows this as well, thus if Fields was anywhere close to beating out Fromm, he would have attached his reigns to him instead.


  2. Bugshot

    But, but what will we ever do. The Heisman trophy already has Justin Fields name on it.


  3. Dawg1

    “One fan tried to start an “Overrated” chant for the highly touted transfer from the Ohio State Buckeyes”

    This seems to be a hostile environment. I say he is eligible to transfer immediately.

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  4. I don’t know how good or bad Martell is, but he’d be hard pressed to be as bad as the starter Miami had the past two seasons.

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  5. JCDawg83

    Could it be possible these coaches who are paid millions of dollars and see the players in practice every day can actually determine who is the best option at a given position? Or, is it more likely that a prima donna kid less than a year out of high school and/or his helicopter parent and the fan base that forms all of their opinions from articles put forth by sports “journalists” whose livelihoods depend on the number of clicks their stories get know better who should be starting at a given position?

    I’ve always thought the former was the more likely.


  6. Uglydawg

    If Fields is a flop at tOSU, I’m going to try not to laugh.
    I might smile just a little but I’m going to try and keep a straight face,
    (He’ll do very well though…the kid can sling the pigskin)


    • psyopdawg

      Other than one really well thrown deep ball, he wasn’t all that impressive. Pretty sure Jacob Eason is not gonna pan out either.


      • JCDawg83

        Ball wasn’t that deep (about 40 yards) or that well thrown (a little behind the receiver) and if the third string db doesn’t fall down it’s a fairly long completion and not a td. Receiver ran about 60 yards after the catch but the stat line shows a 98 yard td catch.

        5 of 13 says more about his day than the one big play in my opinion.


    • 81Dog

      So could Quincy Carter. Fields may be great, he may be an All American. He may be the next Mitch Mustain, too. Too early to tell either way. I have no opinion on what he will be, would have been glad to keep him, but he wanted to go, so he’s gone. I don’t care one way or the other about him, long as UGA isn’t playing him.


  7. stoopnagle

    Man, for someone who talks a mountain of shit, Martell is really backing it up.


  8. Uglydawg

    Despite Field’s contention that he works really hard and is a perfectionist of sorts…I have to wonder about kids like him and Martel. The fact that they both bailed out when the going got rough says something, doesn’t it? I suspect “hard work” is too often relative to the responsibilities and requirements kids have while being raised at home.
    I see lots of parents that won’t let their precious ones break a sweat, face adversity, do without anything they want, etc…
    It’s possible that what Fields or Martel and maybe a few others see as a great work ethic might be a considered a poor effort to a kid like Tua, Aaron Murray or a Jake Fromm etc. They all have talent, but something causes some to pan out and others to fold or fade away.
    Being a successful big time QB requires a lot of work, study, pain, and dedication…a lot more than we can probably imagine and maybe a lot more than a lot of kids that aspire to being one imagine.


  9. Go Dawgs!

    I believe in Justin Fields and I think he will have a strong career at Ohio State. It isn’t going to happen without failures like the spring game, though, because I think he’s still listening too much to people who say he’s a natural and a sure thing and all of that noise. I don’t think he’s bought in to the fact that hard work is required to be great. He’ll realize it at some point.

    Martell, meanwhile, was at Ohio State for quite a while and failed to earn meaningful playing time and was so disposable that the coaching staff didn’t even try to get him to stay. I think Miami may be seeing why. Takes more than talent.


    • Mayor

      Martell knew tOSU coaches weren’t going to play him, that’s why he left. They recruited another QB to play in front of him.


  10. TN Dawg

    Remember when Fields had a great G-Day and Fromm threw 2 INTs?

    Hillshire Farm remembers.