“We don’t want to ever not have a player as good as another guy out there…”

Honestly, I don’t know how Kirby does an interview about the offensive line without cackling and rubbing his hands together.  Or at least a mild giggle…


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10 responses to ““We don’t want to ever not have a player as good as another guy out there…”

  1. That sentence from Kirby can make you dizzy.


  2. Redhotchilidawg

    Yeah, not buying Kirby’s verbal gymnastics there. You can hear him thinking “I’ve got 12 guys that can straight mash but it’s spring ball and I need to keep them motivated.”


    • Greg

      Should be easy, just watch the Texas game.


      • The Truth

        Or their effort on the goal line against Florida.


        • psyopdawg

          I re watched that game Last Friday. Chaney had so many different options. Mullen never doubted we were gonna keep pounding it up the middle. We were clearly the better team and deserved the win but Franks’ and others surely helped us with the win.


          • W Cobb Dawg

            Agree. I re-watched it recently too. Some calls made Chaney look great, and some calls looked like he didn’t know what he was doing. And yes, Franks’ play helped us a lot.


  3. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    But is it that our O-line is good or that our D-line is bad? We have so much to worry about before that first real game.


  4. Cojones

    The porn – it is heavy. I can’t read Smart’s words without thinking of the O-linemen at Arkansas coming to Pittman and begging him not to go to UGA. Now we know why he was so important to them because he now has become very important to us, especially when we think of those road graders leading the way for our runners. Then you feel the dependency on Pittman when we visualize Fromme rearing back to throw a long one after waiting for the receiver to get open and how suddenly that line has become the linchpin for all of our offensive play on the way to championships.

    Our greedy minds turn to the “what-if” future of Pittman and who can take his place if and when sickness, absence or, God forbid, an offer is made that he can’t refuse. The question becomes who is the most competent assistant who can get and train these guys? Does that person exist at UGA?

    And does that person own a bulldog?


  5. Mayor

    I hope CKS substitutes liberally during games: (1) keeping the starters fresh for the 4th quarter and (2) giving the backups a lot of playing time that keeps them happy and gives them game experience. Under Dooley there were years where he would send in an entire new line as substitutes. Kirby has the luxury of 3 complete O-lines.