A position in transition

In terms of experience, the only position at Georgia thinner than tight end is quarterback.  There’s Charlie Woerner, and then there’s this:

At Shiloh High, Kolby Wyatt was named a Gwinnett County scholar athlete of the year his sophomore, junior and senior seasons. Peyton Mercer graduated from Emanuel County Institute with a 4.0 grade point average and made the dean’s list last fall.

Wyatt and Mercer probably aren’t familiar names even to diehard Georgia football fans.

This spring, they happen to be among the top four tight ends for the Bulldogs.

There are three more coming in to join those two, along with Woerner and John Fitzpatrick.  One of those is an early enrollee recovering from a torn ACL.  Another is Tennessee grad transfer Eli Wolf, who had a whopping five catches last season for the Vols.  (To be fair, Wolf is considered a good blocker for his position.)

Should Woerner go down, it’s hard to see much production coming out of the rest of this bunch in 2019.


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19 responses to “A position in transition

  1. Derek

    I hope we don’t have to play either one of those guys. People will leave the stadium in droves…I’m told.


  2. ASEF

    Thin at TE, everyone is more interested in the receivers coming than the ones we have… wio boy, can’t wait to see passing game


  3. barneydawg

    They seem like really good kids, I am pulling for them to fulfill their dreams.


  4. HirsuteDawg

    I understand John Fitzatrick is supposed to be pretty good.

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  5. SpellDawg

    Man, I just want to see “Arthur Lynch” production again out of the TE position. Not a constant threat, but clutch receptions in multiple games during the season. I thought we had it in Blazevich, he was a solid receiver in his first two seasons, then it seemed like his targeting disappeared. Nauta will be remembered for his 3 straight receptions against UF, but the lasting memory will be of lost potential. I don’t blame him for going pro, he’d proven he’s a solid blocker, what else did he have to look forward to?


    • California dawg

      Yeah I miss Michael Bennett too, he was the king of third down conversions when we absolutely needed them.


      • SpellDawg

        Was Bennett a TE? I always thought he was a slot/wide receiver…but you are right about him being clutch. He had such a great story, I was sure he had a bright NFL future right up to the ACL tear. That kid played with a fearless heart, he and Conley were so fun to watch. Hope he’s found success in whatever he’s doing now.


  6. Greg

    BAH!!!….just a glorified tackle, overrated position. Will just move one of our lineman out there.


  7. DawgByte

    I’m not concerned about the TE position. If we need extra blocking we’ve brought in reserve OL. I think Coley is going to throw more to our RB’s and Slot receivers this year, so there’s not as much pressure on TE’s to catch passes.


  8. Bulldog Bill

    Remember, guys! Even a blind squirrel finds a acorn occasionally!


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    “There are three more coming in…”

    So we need to freak out because we’ll only have two returning TEs from last year’s roster at G-Day? Got it. Now I’ll spend the whole game on Saturday, as well as multiple replays at home afterward, focused on TE play.


  10. Russ

    So, we move a 2nd team OL to TE and the result will be exactly like the last few years. It’s not like they have to catch a pass or anything.


  11. Mayor

    We’ll be fine at TE. Plenty of talent. As soon as they get more experience look out!


  12. For TE – we can easily line up Mays, Salyer, or someone out there for blocking. I would not have wasted a scholly on Wolf – don’t care if he can block or not. You go back and look at some games where we did not score on the goal line – the TE could not block – so the guys that left did not matter anyway.