An adjustment in Baton Rouge

From Bruce Feldman’s piece today on Ed Orgeron ($$):

… Even in LSU’s biggest victory of the season, a 20-point trampling of No. 2 Georgia, the Tigers had problems slowing down the Dawgs’ ground game. Georgia opened its second series with runs of 12, 18 and 17 yards — two of those plays featuring the same type of blocking scheme Orgeron is showing on the screen in the combo drill.

“They’re shoving the ball right down our throats, running Inside Zone, combination block on the nose tackle,” Orgeron told The Athletic. “The way (Georgia tailback) Elijah Holyfield hit that hole you thought it was a friggin’ freight train. I watched Holyfield run over my safety (John Battle). That back is hitting that hole quick. That’s his play. I’m like, ‘Aw shit.’ We were playing shade. I told Dave (Aranda) go to zero.”

The adjustment was moving 330-pound nose tackle Ed Alexander from playing as a one-technique shaded over one of the shoulders of the center to head up on Georgia’s Lamont Gaillard, who Orgeron had said was the best center he’d studied on film in years. Georgia ran for 69 yards on that second series of the game. The Dawgs managed just 44 yards on 19 carries the rest of the day.

“We went to zero and we shut their ass down,” Orgeron said. “We played head-up and two-gapped Rougarou (Alexander), and those guys from Georgia said nobody’d ever done that to ’em.

I guess that’s why Chaney and Pittman didn’t adjust.  Sheesh.


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  1. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Hmmm. At least that is an explanation about why we got corn-holed there. I have to say that I am a little disappointed that we didn’t that out and adjust. I also wonder if other teams after that tried the same thing, but we were able to counter.


    • Ricky McDurden

      I imagine our failures offensively were a result of more than just that adjustment though it seems this certainly playd a role in derailing our ground and pound gameplan. Dropped passes, disguised coverages, and general fatigue of our defense by half and late in the game certainly contributed as well


  2. Ricky McDurden

    Just have to note that “Rougarou” has to be up there for greatest nickname for a football player ever. Only at LSU can you nickname a nose tackle the french connotation for Werewolf.


  3. Derek

    Playing a zero front isn’t exactly unusual or a surprise. We play a zero front on rushing downs when we’re in nickel. The advantage, if you have the personnel, is that you can occupy more OL than you have DL, thus freeing up ILBs to make the play. I’m sure they went opposite the NG’s “shade” and let the OG climb to the second level leaving our back to defeat a safety. There’s no “counter” per se or “adjustment”, it’s a matter of whether your center needs help or doesn’t need help. Clearly Lamont must have needed help. Also not atypical. The best opponents are going to have better NG’s than you have as an OC.

    Quite frankly I think if we kick the damn field goal and don’t go down 10-0 we wear their asses down no matter what front they wanted to play in.

    We just gave them too much hope with Fromm being off early and CKS getting cute in the kicking game.

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    • There’s no “counter” per se or “adjustment”, it’s a matter of whether your center needs help or doesn’t need help.

      Semantics, for the win.


      • Derek

        How is that “semantics” exactly?

        What is the difference between this scenario and:

        “Murray and Mitchell were killing us in zone so I told Dave to play man and our corner covered him up all night. Georgia said no one had done that to them before?”

        Football can be about one and one match ups. If you choose that path and win the match up, things will go your way. The adjustment is:

        Find a better center or find a better wr.

        Sometimes the guy you have is pretty good and their guy is better, either that day or in general.

        There’s just too much assuming that football is all chess match and that there’s an answer to all things. It’s just not true.

        Mainly it’s about executing and doing your job better than the other guy. This is why, over time, results are more about recruiting than any other factor.


  4. Chadwick

    I know all about our great OL depth, but sheeh, I still have doubts that the O-staff schemes well when a talented DL and staff snuff out what we do best. It seems like we get stuck in mashing people straight ahead. Do we ever trap and pull? I’ve never been in that arena, but it seems like our blocking schemes are vanilla and they don’t adjust when stopped.


  5. Only really care about the staff and their making sure the team is ready to succeed week in and week out…those away game ass wipings are one thing, in game management is another… title game (17) and seccg (18)…i’m no coach, arm chair dip stick nor Capt.Tony of the S.S. Obvious, just hoping, wishing (praying daily) that CKS and staff learn from game film.


  6. For all of Orgeron’s bluster, it was still 19-9 with 14:40 to go in the game, and we had the ball 1st and 10 on the LSU 38 with momentum after a TD, a 3 and out, and a Hardman 27-yard punt return. Then, this happened:

    1-10 LSU 38 Mecole Hardman rush for no gain to the LSU38 (John Battle;Devin White).
    2-10 LSU 38 Justin Fields at QB for Georgia.
    2-10 LSU 38 Brian Herrien rush for 4 yards to the LSU34 (Devin White;Ed Alexander).
    3-6 LSU 34 Jake Fromm at QB for Georgia.
    3-6 LSU 34 Jake Fromm sacked for loss of 9 yards to the LSU43 (JaCoby Stevens).
    4-15 LSU 43 PENALTY UGA delay of game (Jake Camarda) 5 yards to the LSU48.
    4-20 LSU 48 Jake Camarda punt 34 yards to the LSU14, fair catch by Jonathan Giles.
    3 plays, minus 10 yards, 2:19

    The game completely changed on that brain fart of a series. Dumb call on the jet sweep … bring in the freshman QB to run zone read right into Devin White … Jake misses a guy open for a TD (if I remember correctly) and gets sacked rather than throwing the ball away. We punt and our defense crumbles. Mecole fumbles the ensuing kickoff … game over.

    Who knows what happens if we get a score out of that possession?


    • Greg

      Definitely wasn’t our day, reminded me of the Auburn game at Auburn the year before. We just got beat. No excuses, they were just the better team that day.


  7. UGA '97

    This article to Coles ears.


  8. Saltwater Dawg

    The comment above by eethomaswfnc signifies what I remember most about this game. As da Coach’O even said, Holyfield was dominating the game. Then we stopped giving him the ball. Their scheme change wasn’t the only factor.

    So, I just went back and looked at the play by play for the game. In the 2nd half, Holyfield had 2 carries, one for 10 yds and one for 13 yds. And we never handed it to him again.

    I remain perplexed.

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    • Macallanlover

      And you should be. I honestly believe we had too much talent (number of options) for Chaney to keep up with. He seemed overwhelmed, like he hadn’t been there before. Just sat in the shallow water pulling whatever handle that was closest to him. We never seemed to have the capabilities of using all our ammo for a full game. Something would work, but we would just wander away and play with the next toy. I know that Chaney wasn’t incompetent, just think he is better racing a go kart than a high powered rocket ship. Too many RBs, QBs, and receivers to choose from, and a coloring book that was too thick to ever grasp all the decisions he had available to him. Was probably more comfortable with playing just the 1st team guys in a 1980s style offense.


      • But, but, but he coached Drew Brees.

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        • RandallPinkFloyd

          Our Bama buddy was over at our house that day and kept saying y’all just need more ‘angry Holyfield runs’. That was such a frustrating day and yet we hung around for longer than we probably should have. If Fromm hits D-Rob in stride, we score and the game changes.


  9. UGA '97

    If we had no issues running the ball, then why didn’t we score in the first half?
    Sorry, but we cannot allow Orgeron to get the credit for Chaney’s failure here.


  10. ASEF

    Shorter Coach Eaux: “our DC was better than their OC”

    I love how Ed tosses that “I told Dave to….” Sure, Ed, sure.


  11. FlyingPeakDawg

    So Rodrigo just failed to read the DL change and audible out of the run to pass?


  12. W Cobb Dawg

    Sorry, but insightful analysis isn’t needed here. The “adjustment” was the dearth of carries by Holyfield. He was literally running all over them. When we took Holyfield out is was equivalent to handing the game to LSU. Just plain stupid.