“I’m going to let you guys figure it out.”

When it comes to trolling Georgia, Dan Mullen is no Steve Spurrier.

I suspect the same standard can be applied to being the Florida head coach.


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  1. I have a feeling Kirby is writing all of this garbage down to save it for the week leading up to the WLOCP. At this point, we are truly living rent free in their collective reptilian heads. I was leaning toward not attending the game on Saturday, but now I want to see 93,000 to show all of our surrounding programs that we aren’t going anywhere.

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    All hat, no cattle.


    • 86BONE

      I fully understand that phrase PTC now that I live in Texas!
      Grandpa used to say he’s got a Jaybird mouth with a Mockingbird ass!
      Either one is perfect for that dip shit…


  3. Hambone

    Everyone knows lying about spring game attendance is key to on field success…


  4. Boz

    Dude really likes to be cute – like dialling up a flea flicker during the first series as a nod to the 2017 flea flicker we dropped on MSU at Sanford.
    With 31-3 and 36-17 in the last two years against UGA, you’d think Mullen might reel in some of that cuteness until he actually did something to back it up on the field. Then again, the rivalry just hasn’t been the same to me since Urbs left, so maybe its a good thing.


  5. stoopnagle

    Is it supposed to bother me that the coaches and fans of teams Georgia has smoked for two years now are particularly concerned about 1980? I get it with UF since they have won something in the last decade and are having to adjust to a new normal, but when tech fan pipes in it’s just sad.

    Honestly, unless you’re Clemson we’re all in the same boat.


  6. stoopnagle

    In our game-watching drinking games, Mullen has always been this guy: https://youtu.be/ORfbBCYQm-4

    You have to yell “MY NAME IS PHIL DAVIDSON!” every time they show Mullen.



    The more he challenges Kirby, the more i like it. They are gonna tote an ass whipping of epic proportion this year


    • Dawg1

      Correct. Mullen is too cute by half, sort of what CMR might do, but add some smarmy to it!

      Kirby on the other hand is a killer, much more like Urbs in that way. “Trolling” Kirby doesn’t seem to be cute, it seems to be insane.

      Kirby is ready to take Mullen’s lunch money for a lot of years IMO.

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  8. That real estate Kirby owns in Mullen’s head is located right off F#$%k those Mother#$rs avenue.

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  9. Hobnail_Boot

    If I were Mullen, I’d be more concerned with getting the license plate number of the mean machine that has been running his ass over.


  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    Oh, a dagger through my heart.


  11. We all know spurrier had nothing for UGA…ever, won’t begin to waste my time figuring out the current hc @ FU specific lack of respect or inability to STFU when it comes to losing games, losing real estate and losing recruits to a supposed “rival”…


  12. Austen Bannan

    Dan Mullen has a tramp stamp.


  13. ChiliDawg

    The writer calls that an “expertly executed troll?”

    How, when nobody in Georgia’s universe was even looking for the answer? Nobody outside of Florida nerds interested in diving into the stat books even gives a shit. Like, congrats man you got some Florida fans on the message boards searching for answers.


  14. Texas Dawg

    Mullen is an idiot, asshole, etc, etc. Last week he was flapping his gums about his super duper QB. I just saw the 24/7 listing of the TOP 25 QBs in college this season, and guess what. Nary a Gator on that list.


  15. Russ

    Somebody reached deep into their ass to pull that out. Not sure if it was the writer or Mullen. However it was, keep talking. Kirby loves this stuff.


  16. Macallanlover

    has this empty suit looked at FU’s record, all time and recently, against UGA? Has he looked at his own record versus UGA? What the hell is wrong with this guy? Been good for riling our boys up though, keep slinging that hash numb-nuts. I already thought UGA -4 against them was the best line bet on Georgia’s schedule this preseason. Dancing King is about to make it a guaranteed ass whooping! Some of us don’t live by MNCs awarded to others by voters. He has earned exactly nothing from what I see on his record. Prove it on the field, or it isn’t yours to talk about.


  17. UnderDog68

    If this guy was half as brilliant at drawing up a gameplan as he is at bullshitting, he wouldn’t be 0-2 vs. Kirby Smart.


  18. UnderDog68

    If this guy was half as brilliant at drawing up a gameplan as he is bullshitting, he wouldn’t be 0-2 vs. Kirby Smart.


  19. UnderDog68

    Oops…..Sorry about the double post.


  20. Fried Biscuits

    Nobody thinks about UGA football more than Kirby Smart except Dan Mullen. Kirby is in Dan’s head.


  21. Doug

    Trying to troll someone through attendance figures? Even Geoff Collins thinks that’s some lame-ass shit.