“The whole thing has been figuring out what people can do.”

Andy Staples takes a look at the monumental task Geoff Collins has ahead of him remaking Georgia Tech’s roster.  As Staples puts it, “… if the Yellow Jackets flop on the field, all the Waffle House cups, ATL hats and 404 sleeves in the world won’t help.”

There’s a reason the man got a seven-year deal.  He’s gonna need it.


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19 responses to ““The whole thing has been figuring out what people can do.”

  1. It sounds like Jeoff is Tripp’n the entire roster at Fech. That’s not going to end well. The Citadel beat USCjr a couple of years ago. USF comes to Mark Richt Field, and they have to go to Temple (think his old players will be fired up for that?).

    Is 0–12 possible?


  2. ChiliDawg

    I’m just thankful we no longer have to play against that offense and their dirty chop blocks.

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  3. Got Cowdog

    We’ve kicked it around here before about what would happen if PJ ever bailed on tech. I guess we’ll find out for real.
    It shames me to say but I almost feel a little sorry for them. The players, I mean. They’re going to suffer some this year.


  4. Bulldog Joe

    Teach ’em all how the offense works and let the players choose where they want to play.

    What could go wrong?


  5. Otto

    I’d like to see him go 0-7 against UGA. UGA needs to take longest streak which if he goes 0-7 would take it back with 9. UGA also needs to take back largest margin of victory.


  6. AlphaDawg

    What is a “404 sleeve”?


  7. The other Doug

    My hot take….

    If he keeps half of CPJ’s offense and adds in a lot of passing, I think they could get to 6 games.

    If he decides to rip the band aid off and install the future offense they win 2 games. Small OL, no WRs, and questionable passing QB equals offense that struggles to get a first down. That will lead to a crappy defense that is also tired.


    • Redhotchilidawg

      I don’t know if they have a QB that can reliably throw the ball much more than they did last year. And they certainly don’t have many lineman, if any, that were recruited with pass blocking skills. Just about every pass they ran against us the last two years turned into the QB running for his life.

      I agree with his approach of working with what he has, but it’s still going to be ugly this year. Give me the under on the 6 wins.


      • Bulldog Joe

        We attended the Georgia 7A championship game. Incoming QB Jordan Yates is actually pretty good at running for his life.


  8. Texas Dawg

    So Collins, in a desperate act of futility, is rearranging the small useless deck chairs on the Titanic


  9. Hunkering Hank

    I had occasion to attend tech’s practice last week. Strange but true. They have very few physically imposing players at any position. They have one receiver. At tailback Bruce Jordan-Swilling ran some dudes over. I have seen tech in the shotgun – a strange site to be sure. Lots of dropped balls from former running backs. The new coaching staff has a great attitude and there is a lot of energy. They were running an impressive operation. They are working on their facilities- which are currently poor but the locker room was good. I doubt it translates to winning games in 2019, but they will be better in the future. There have been a lot of recruits through there. There were a few the day I was there. They will get some players. Dawgs roll tech for the foreseeable future but I can’t shake that they could one day in the future be back under Collins despite the social media. I do think the 404 schtick will wear thin if they lose. One man’s observations and opinion.


    • Even with Kirby rolling on the recruiting front, there’s no reason to think Collins can’t make a nice living on the remaining in state talent. Marketing aside, I think he’s a good coach.


      • Otto

        The thing is GT isn’t #2 in this state, they’re behind in no order Bama, Auburn, UTatK, Clemson, Florida, FSU, and possibly USCe.


    • The Dawg abides

      Maybe so, but at the first sign he can build a solid program and prove he can coach, he’ll bolt for somewhere that attracts top talent and he can win big.