Interesting chart here.

For what it’s worth, last season Georgia was tenth nationally in offensive plays that gained 20+ yards.  That’s good, but, even better, it was third nationally in defensive plays that gained 20+ yards.


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  1. bcdawg97

    Am I the only one that saw the picture in the tweet and the rest was the teacher from the Peanuts cartoon?

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  2. Austen Bannan

    How is it only 50% likely teams score a touchdown with either a 12+ yard rush OR a 15+ yard pass when the numbers for those types of plays leading to touchdowns is 55% and 50% respectively? Data error.


  3. The Dawg abides

    It’s a shame, but that shot is how I’m always going to remember D. Sanders.


  4. Castleberry

    Please repost without the picture