Mickey’s preseason alphabet rankings

The Dawgs are right up there.

They’ll also play FPI nos. 7, 8 and 9 during the regular season, not to mention the likely chance they’ll take on another top ten team if they make it to the SECCG.

Tough neighborhood.


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25 responses to “Mickey’s preseason alphabet rankings

  1. I’m not sold on the Barn or the Lizards. Auburn has QB issues. They lost arguably their best receiver in Slayton but have their best DL back in Brown. That offensive line was a mess last year. Florida has QB issues, and they lost multiple starters on the OL. They lost a ton off that defense (I believe the last of Muschamp’s recruits).


    • Got Cowdog

      Obviously you didn’t read the post about auburn’s latest Cam Newton-like preseason Heisman winning QB ….;)

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    • SpellDawg

      8 & 9 will be closer to #18 & #19 when the season is over. Franks is going to be running for his life most games and their DL is only marginally better than their OL. Excited to watch the meteor game in the swamp between the two on Oct. 5th. Auburn, @LSU, @USCe, then UGA looks pretty brutal, they lose 3 in that stretch.


    • Texas Dawg

      What do you mean Florida has QB issues? Didn’t Dan Mullen just recently lecture the world about how great Felipe Franks was. I think he even insinuated that he was better than Fromm (or at least his equal). Surely it must be that he is right and the rest of the world is wrong.


  2. 3rdandGrantham

    Why in living hell is Michigan ranked in the top 5? They were totally exposed last year, yet here we go all over again. Last year some were predicting Michigan would win the title – including the ever-objective Desmond Howard.

    This is a program that has beaten their main rival only 2 times this century – and one of those wins occurred over an OSU interim coach. Take away that win, and Michigan hasn’t beaten a non-interim cosched OSU team since ’03, or back before anyone even knew who Matthew Stafford was.

    As for Clemson, their schedule is an absolute joke. Talk about a cakewalk to the playoffs….geez.


  3. Beer Money

    Pretty severe dropoff after 3. The others appear to be there by default since nobody else can claim those spots.


  4. Jack Burton

    Auburn at 9? Hahahaha


  5. Mick Jagger

    And A & M probably isn’t too far down….


  6. Hobnail_Boot

    Genuinely surprised that Texas isn’t on there.


  7. Greg

    WHUT???…..no Ohio State? At least they threw in Michigan to keep all those BIG 10 folks happy. But dang, they sure look out of place.


  8. Mick Jagger

    I agree with the Top 3 with Oklahoma fourth.


  9. 92 grad

    Isn’t FPI a ranking based on stats/data? I can’t understand Florida or Michigan. No ATM? And, I’m close to hating Clemson as much as I hate Florida.


  10. Uglydawg

    Hypothesis. “Even an undefeated Clemson might not make the playoffs.”
    Clemson does have a cakewalk or is the joke going to be on them?
    Could it bite them in their ACC ass? It should.
    Suppose Alabama (or LSU) and Georgia are undefeated going into the SECCG, and it’s very close. Winner is team #1 (no doubt)
    Suppose ND has only one loss (to UGA of course, yay!)
    ND is in and is team # 2 (based on a tough schedule) (no doubt here)
    Suppose OK is undefeated. They’re team # 3 (no doubt)
    Suppose the SEC runner up is Georgia, unbeaten except for one close loss in the SECCG.
    (I use this scenario because UGA would have beaten ND)
    If ND is in with one loss to Georgia..will not Georgia be in with a win over ND and a loss only to Bama or LSU.. they’re team #4 or barely out at #5
    Or suppose that Georgia is SEC champs and ‘Bama has just that one close loss to the Dawgs…closer, say, than ND’s loss to UGA ..same thing #4 or 5.
    Now suppose Michigan wins the Beeg is convincing fashion with a loss only to ND. MI is team #4 or #5.
    (I may have those out of order but they would all be somewhere in the mix)
    Which two can Clemson root out? They’d have to root out two to get in.
    Suppose Clemson is unbeaten..(they should be).
    Clemson’s unfortunate schedule will not help them. They will be arguing for a spot over two of the following..ND, Michigan, Oklahoma or a second SEC team.. All with a probable better case than them. Clemson will likely not have a single win over a top ten team…maybe top 15…(hell, make it 20 if it weren’t for TAM)
    They may prevail in jumping over one of them, but probably not two.
    And Katy, bar the door if you’re GT, TAM, or South Carolina.
    UGA and Clemson will play those three mutual opponents.
    GT (Clemson gets them at home with a new coaching staff and schemes very early in the season. TAM (Clemson gets them at home early too) and USCe.
    Can you imagine the importance that “style points” will have in those three games?
    It may come down to who beats TAM, South Carolina and GT the worse.
    Clemson will be claiming that it beat 2 SEC teams. Georgia will be claiming that it beat 8 SEC teams, one ACC team and ND…and pointing to the high ranking of it’s opponents.
    And while a rested Clemson will be playing the Gamecocks late in the season (they get TAM very early), a beat up and weary Georgia will be playing TAM, AU and GT.
    And what mighty ACC team will Clemson have to face in the WSOCP?

    I realize the present weakness of the ACC isn’t Clemson’s fault any more than the last few years’ weakness of the SECE is UGA’s fault. Well, the SECE is coming back some now but the ACC isn’t. If it was a consideration agasint UGA it should also be against Clemson. It is what it is and what it is is unimpressive.
    The only positive I see is that Clemson, should they somehow lose one game, is finished. Not so for the rest of the cast.

    I offer as backbone to my hypothesis (that an undefeated Clemson may have trouble getting in) the recent bend towards tougher scheduling, esp. as demonstrated by UGA and even Clemson. CKS and CDS know it’s going to be a factor in future considerations and is even now. Kudos for getting ahead of the curve.

    (I’m NOT saying Clemson isn’t the best team. I think they could be. They proved they were in last years’ championship game. But that cupcake schedule yields rest starters, less injuries and fatigue and valuable game time for their subs. If Clemson played one of the other teams’ (mentioned) schedule, they’d stumble somewhere or at least get beat up a little more.


    • Got Cowdog

      If it’s OK with you I’m going to copy this and send it to Kirby, Dabo, Jimbo, Boom, and Geoff.
      This might be the post of the off season and the fact that it should give Jimbo, Boom, and Geoff that unique creepy feeling in your gut when you realize that you have royally fucked up and are looking at a major ass whipping not once, but twice and the second one is certain to be worse than the first. Style points indeed.

      Thank you Sir, you have made my day.


      • Uglydawg

        It’s OK with me…but I’m not sure about who wins the style points contest..hope you’re right!
        And thanks for the affirmation..not always sure how things are going to go on GTP..but the idea is we’re here to share opinions (and praises and certainly insults sometimes too)


    • UGA'13

      Like it or not, I just don’t see them leaving out the previous year’s national champion if they go undefeated. Look at FSU in 2014 for the exact same story.


  11. DawgPhan

    Who else you going to put in the top 10. Maybe Texas or tOSU?

    Seems about right to me.


  12. Cojones

    Three of those top 10 schools are on our schedule with the possibility of playing a fourth for the SEC. By far that is the toughest schedule in the top FPI-ranked teams.


    • Cojones

      Sorry, Senator. Didn’t see the last lines of your post unfold when I put this up, although it does bear repeating.


  13. Jack Klompus

    Wow. No other conference has two in the top 10, let alone 2 or 3 from the same division in the top 10.


  14. RC

    I agree with those not signing on to UF and AU in the top 10, but I am even more confounded by LSU’s presence in the top 5. IMHO, they are continuing to get way more mileage than deserved off of their admittedly solid win over us last year. Other than that, I’m afraid I’m just not seeing it.