Butthurt Junior is the best Junior.

Imagine the Laner getting his panties in a wad over somebody wanting attention.


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17 responses to “Butthurt Junior is the best Junior.

  1. Normaltown Mike

    The folks in Auburn are gonna love him and his sassy mouth some day

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  2. Salty Dawg

    Pot, meet kettle.


  3. St. Johns Dawg

    Just wondering how we UGA fans are going to feel come October/November when 6-8 of our 4-5 stars are in the portal. We will not be immune. Coaches better figure out how to set the tone or those headlines will unravel morale.


  4. Texas Dawg

    Lane is just upset because the spotlight might be on someone else besides him.


  5. McTyre

    What’s the obsession on this blog (and DawgVent) with discomfort from unconventional sex acts?


    • spur21

      That made me chuckle


    • David K

      It should probably be retired honestly. It’s vaguely homophobic although I’m pretty sure that’s not the intention here.


      • Mike Cooley

        Who cares? Yeah if you want to make it into homophobia you can but most people just think it sounds funny. The faux concern over trivial crap like this detracts groom things that actually matter and just generally make things a drag. People need to toughen up because life is way harder than somebody using an expression that makes you uncomfortable.


        • Macallanlover

          Agree, people who worry about minor crap like this don’t know real trouble. Funny part of this is Junior showing up much brighter than the resident “geniuses” here who support this unlimited flip-flopping in CFB. Don’t think they have any room to sling shit at Junior any more. When it comes to understanding the severity of this meteor heading at CFB, Kiffs knows it better be curbed soon; group supporting chaos is clueless. Just look at utterly stupid the single position of QB at UGA/ohio/Miami has looked in the last 120 day period. Nothing will match the intensity of that cluster on a regular basis, but it doesn’t have to when you involve all the positions at all the schools. Florida Marlins one and done season seems about to happen all over, except the inmates are running the asylum. Of course all is well, because the NCAA is in charge of rubber stamping each move. Sumpin gotta give ya’ll.


          • Florida Marlins one and done season seems about to happen all over, except the inmates are running the asylum.

            That is fucking hilarious, Mac. Take a look at the preseason top ten and get back to me on your rant.


  6. Comin' Down The Track

    Attention seeker hates other attention seekers. Film at 11.

    Man, that is rich.


  7. ATL Dawg

    Lane Kiffin has worked at 6 different schools in his career. He loves him some attention.


  8. Doug

    The guy who tried to sneak out of Knoxville under cover of darkness to take the USC job, complaining that it’s too easy to jump to other schools? Kiffykins gonna Kiffykins, I guess.


  9. Dave

    Why is everyone assuming he’s upset? Just depends on how you read it.

    Try reading it in a positive tone, like JFK, “We choose to go to the moon in this d’CADE and do the other things…”


  10. Well…he might be The Kiffer, but he ain’t wrong.