“He was touched.”

That’s a quote that can be interpreted in more than one way.


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20 responses to ““He was touched.”

  1. Does the kid have a name change buyout for when Jeoff falls flat on his face or leaves Atlanta for greener pastures?


    • Gaskilldawg

      No, she is kid. A transfer of a name would keep her from learning how to fight through tough times. After all, it is the name on the front of the birth certificate that counts, not the name on the back of the birth certificate

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  2. WTM

    The AJC is really scraping the bottom of the barrel for any story these days. I’m sure the reporter was thrilled when he was told to turn in 1000 words on a baby reveal–bring on the Pulitzer!

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  3. RangerRuss

    Dumbass goobers.


  4. DawgFaithful

    Names his kid after a coach that hasn’t even won a game yet. That is truly Chantastic.

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  5. mwo

    I guess 404 was already taken?


  6. moe pritchett

    Jesus H Christ, Mary and the Saints! WTH


  7. barneydawg

    Jeoff is a contest with Dan Mullen for biggest creep of a Coach. CPJ had the title, but it his now Emeritus.


  8. Legatedawg

    Unimpressed. If he’s such a big GnaTs fan, why didn’t he name his eldest Genius Johnson Barlow?


  9. The Dawg abides

    What a fatass loser of a fanboy. That’s Bama fan with a GED level obsession for a middling at best program.

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  10. Cojones

    Senator, the word you are looking for is “tetched”.


  11. Cousin Eddie

    Gonna be funny when she takes part in drinking games at UGA frat houses to hide her shame for her name.


    • Nashville West

      I doubt if anyone 18 years from now in a UGA frat house will connect her name with a tech coach who got run off 15 years earlier after his third big loss in a row to the Dawgs. They’ll probably figure that she was named after an umbrella drink.

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    • Bulldog Joe

      There’s a Johnny Cash song in there, somewhere.


  12. Mayor

    I just threw up in my mouth.


  13. ChiliDawg

    Saddling your little girl with an unfortunate name in honor of a football coach who hasn’t coached a game. Classic.