“Resources do matter.”

I imagine Larry Scott somewhere, sipping on a fine bottle of expensive Bordeaux, nodding his head and saying to himself, “this is fine”.

I thought of Mullens’ comment last week when news broke that Purdue coach Jeff Brohm had agreed to a seven-year contract for $5.26 million annually.

What is “drifting out of range”?

It’s when the head football coach at Purdue — Purdue! — makes more money than every coach in the Pac-12.

It’s when the salary pool for Boilermakers assistant coaches is larger than those of every program in the Pac-12 except Washington and Oregon.

Brohm is 13-13 in two years in West Lafayette. He used an offer from Louisville (his alma mater) as leverage to sign a killer deal with Purdue.

The issue here isn’t Brohm specifically.

It’s that a third-tier football program in the Big Ten has the cash and the willingness to pay its coach more than the most accomplished coaches at the top programs in the Pac-12.

Hey, that’s nothing a hedge fund partner can’t fix with a little equity stake, amirite?


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5 responses to ““Resources do matter.”

  1. Macallanlover

    Left Coast issue…they just don’t care. Ultimately you get what you put into it, and there is little passion about CFB among the fan bases. If it hasn’t ignited a fire among a once successful program like USC by now, do you really think it will change? Scott himself is the most visible example of their apathy. It doesn’t have to matter more, it just has to matter some.


  2. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    “…the most accomplished coaches at the top programs in the Pac-12.”
    That’s a pretty small sample size. Accomplished coaches in the PAC-12, that is.


  3. stoopnagle

    Now seems like a good time to schedule USC.


  4. Mayor

    Nuts. Absolutely nuts. They’ll be firing him in another 3 years when he keeps winning 50% of his games.