“There are a lot of waivers granted. I have not monitored the percentage.”

Greg Sankey on the transfer portal is the perfect mix of non-committal weasel…

“What I’m concerned about is that we’re, like, seeking reasons,” he said. “Whether there’s a transfer rule or not, we all should know the same information to be able to make decisions.”

Sankey said he has heard coaches wonder, “Are we doing the right thing?” but indicate they will be active participants in the system. He wants to wait to see hard data on how many players are graduating and remaining eligible before reaching his own conclusion.

… and bullshit artist.

“We assume the movement, the freedom, is healthy,” Sankey said. “I think we need to track the data to see when young people move from Campus A to Campus B for whatever reason, are we assessing the right educational outcomes?”

Yeah, sure.  Because if there’s one thing the SEC is synonymous with, it’s right educational outcomes.


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8 responses to ““There are a lot of waivers granted. I have not monitored the percentage.”

  1. 79Dawg

    Stopped after seeing “like” in the middle of his first sentence – tells me all I need to know about what is coming afterward….


  2. I agree with his talk about the educational side of this being bullshit, but how the NCAA decides who comes out of the portal with immediate eligibility and who needs to sit out a year is like tying to read a book upside down and backwards. How did they reach that conclusion?


  3. Bluto, now you’re giving “art of bullshitting” a bad name, sankey is not remotely from that mold…if education was truly his choice of concern, he would look at the transfers destination and what their study courses were, should those two align, now you’ve got something…but, if a student is transferring to wazzu and no major in apples/applesauce or the growing process, sumthin’ is up……


  4. Bigshot

    If Justin Fields gets a transfer and Luke Ford doesn’t you’ll never convince me that this is a good thing. They couldn’t let their shirt tail hit their back before they gave one to Fields, but what about Ford?


  5. Watcher16

    Senator: I’m surprised you haven’t had commentary on #freelukeford yet? (unless I missed it)


  6. Mikey

    “assessing the right educational outcomes?” Hmmm not sure what to think he means bout that. I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck but I don’t quite understand