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Today, in IPTAY


I think that moves him ahead of Saban.

Every day, schools keep telling us they’re broke and everyday they keep proving they’re full of shit.


UPDATE:  The breakdown looks even more impressive.

One can only imagine what McGarity would be looking at should Smart ever bring home a natty.  Well, Jimmy Sexton probably already knows.



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TFW they keep stacking up those recruiting classes

No word on whether he gave two weeks notice.


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Today, in pithy sarcasm

Remember the old line I mentioned the other day about pre-Spurrier Florida — the arrogance of Alabama, combined with the tradition of Vanderbilt?

Somebody’s gone and updated that sucker.

Screenshot_2019-04-26 Check this out

Spurrier couldn’t have snarked it better himself.

If the person responsible for that act of genius would like to step forward and claim credit for it, I’d be happy to hand out an atta boy.


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So much for that narrative

First cornerback selected in the draft.

Sitting out the Sugar Bowl really killed Deandre Baker’s future.


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Chomp talk

Those of you convinced beyond belief that Georgia is inherently disadvantaged every year playing Florida in Jacksonville should know that Dan Mullen’s got your back.

Florida coach Dan Mullen has been outspoken thus far during the offseason, and that trend continued Wednesday night. Mullen told a booster club in Daytona Beach, Fla. that any game the Gators play in the state of Florida is a home game. Presumably that includes the yearly game vs. Georgia in Jacksonville. I’ll explain on today’s show why Mullen’s words could sour some UGA fans on maintaining the rivalry’s tradition of playing at a neutral site.

Sure thing, man.  If Dan Mullen says something, it’s bloody gospel.

Seriously, what does it say that the AJ-C’s found another topic to troll Georgia fans with that comes straight from the mouth of a guy who’s been talking whatever shit he can come up with to distract from his work on the field against the Dawgs?


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“We certainly are sensitive to church and other events that are held on Sunday.”

Only so far, though.

Oklahoma’s season opener against Houston has been moved to Sunday, Sept. 1. The game will be on ESPN at 7:30 p.m. ET.

This will be the first Sunday game the Sooners have ever hosted.

You knew Mickey would be involved.

I wonder if beer will be sold.


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Greg McGarity is having a not-so-hot week.

Earlier came the news that Georgia had some personnel issues in the football recruiting office and now comes this, from the FBI’s basketball recruiting scandal trial:

Abdur-Rahim was a valued part of last season’s basketball staff under Tom Crean (although he’s just disembarked to Kennesaw State as its new head coach). So, you’ve got questions?  Butts-Mehre doesn’t have much to say, but for this.

The ass, she is covered.  Why do I have this nagging feeling that somebody is about to engage in a stupid and futile gesture?  Oh, right, McGarity.


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Musical palate cleanser, Boss goes twangin’ edition

Here’s the new single from Bruce Springsteen.

The new album is called Western Stars and is due for release on 6/1.


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