Greg McGarity is having a not-so-hot week.

Earlier came the news that Georgia had some personnel issues in the football recruiting office and now comes this, from the FBI’s basketball recruiting scandal trial:

Abdur-Rahim was a valued part of last season’s basketball staff under Tom Crean (although he’s just disembarked to Kennesaw State as its new head coach). So, you’ve got questions?  Butts-Mehre doesn’t have much to say, but for this.

The ass, she is covered.  Why do I have this nagging feeling that somebody is about to engage in a stupid and futile gesture?  Oh, right, McGarity.


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7 responses to “Greg McGarity is having a not-so-hot week.

  1. Waiting for the announcement that the Ant Man is going to be suspended indefinitely just to be safe …

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    • Russ

      No kidding. Crean lands a top 10 (5?) recruiting class, which we desperately need, and now McGoof will swoop in to screw it up. We’re the perfect candidate for the NCAA’s faux-rage in response to systemic cheating by the big boy money makers. You know, the old “NCAA was so mad at Kentucky, they gave Cleveland State another year of probation” (h/t to the Shark).


  2. Bulldog Joe

    Safe financial move for the NCAA to throw the book at a two-win program.

    Kirby would have to find somewhere else to take his recruits, tho.


  3. bcdawg97

    I’ve got your inner Munson covered peeps. Our basketball recruiting is looking vaguely like Ole Miss football circa Laremy Tunsil…


    • Russ

      I’d agree with you except that somehow Fox had convinced the previous top recruit to come to Georgia. When Fox was fired, he wound up at Kentucky. So there is a slight bit of precedence.

      But yeah, the thought you bring up has certainly crossed my mind.