When dissing the SEC is your only shtick

Danny Kanell, one trick pony.



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18 responses to “When dissing the SEC is your only shtick

  1. Mikey

    That Danny Kanell is fucking hilarious. Of course he’s going Clemson. I’ll give him credit he’s all ACC and sticks to it,Typical Florida State player and what he took over th QB from Charlie Ward lmao


  2. Doug

    You know who else had 28% of the top 14 picks?

    The fucking SEC.

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  3. He’s so dumb … and sucks at trolling.


  4. moe pritchett

    One trick pony is apropos.


  5. It’s all he has… He’s a lightweight… The ACC used to FSU and everybody else. Now it’s Clemson and everybody else…


  6. 81Dog

    Clemson is unquestionably elite. The rest of the ACC is hot garbage. If it was a movie it would be “Dabo and the 13 Piñatas.” A comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel some ACC allegiance. Danny just needs attention, even if it’s negative.

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    • Silver Creek Dawg

      My uncle was on Osborne’s staff at Nebraska back in the 80s. They used to sell a t-shirt out there that had a huge Husker logo in the center and small logos of the other Big 8 schools under it. It was titled Big Red and the Seven Dwarfs.


      • Mikey

        I was in the Army over in Iraq with a guy from Nebraska and all he talked bout was the Cornhuskers football and how proud he was of that college football program. And yes back then Nebraska was fucking good no doubt


  7. 3rdandGrantham

    It’s really lame, predictable behavior like this that gets you fired from your previous two employers, including ESPN a few years back. Does he understand how pathetic you must be to continually pimp a program (Clemson) that is a main rival of the school you played at (FSU), all while your school is an utter train wreck currently?

    It’s akin to getting in an argument with your neighbor whom you dislike as to who is more successful, and instead of relying on your own merits, you instead point out how successful your other neighbor is up the street (whom you also dislike and compete with


  8. 3rdandGrantham

    …professionally) how much more successful he is than both of you. Not only does that make no sense, it makes you look really pathetic and weak.


  9. Dawg19

    The ACC.

    The All Clemson Conference.


  10. ASEF

    Kanell is a v e r y s l o w l e a r n e r


  11. CEPH

    FSU was invited to join the SEC but Bowden. In his infinite wisdom convinced the brain trust to join the ACC. He knew he could run roughshod on the ACC and he did. He saw the gold in that decision.


  12. UGA '97

    Conferences don’t win, teams do. My teams UGA, hope all the other teams lose, nor do I care who else wins if it’s not ours. Go dogs sick’em.


  13. I I think I heard that the SEC was 38% of the total draft?


  14. UnderDog68

    Another ‘pundist’ dick-riding Clemson because his ACC alma mater blows.
    Good job, Danny.