“The NFL doesn’t tell us who to recruit and we don’t tell them who to draft.”

Sure, Mike Leach is a strange dude, but strange enough to actively torpedo the draft prospects of one of his players?


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  1. Got Cowdog



  2. ASEF

    Yes. Against a backdrop of boring coaches blathering boring coach speak, he’s an interesting dude. Against a backdrop of just peoples, he’s a complete dick. He needs a Craig James to make him a sympathetic figure.

    He would and probably did. Because he is a vindictive jerk who rarely has anything positive to say about his players unless they are his QB, because his QBs directly affect how people perceive him. Can’t stand him.


    • Argondawg

      I agree completely. There was nothing in his response to lead me to believe that he ever advocated for his running back. I can’t say that his spoke poorly of him but…… Once the decision is made by the player what interest does it serve not to speak highly of someone who gave a great deal to the university?


    • Athens Townie

      Good post, ASEF. I used to think Leach was quirky and entertaining. I now think he’s a complete dick. His fake news tweeting episode showed he can be a complete moron too.


  3. Ray

    He might be strange however every team he coaches gets much better and whoever he replaces him where he left the team goes down hill
    In all honesty Nick Saban is a strange bird and not a very good person …..(anyone who just steps over a dying player in the Dolphins facility and goes sit at his desk in his office till the body is removed don’t rank as a good person to me)
    Just win baby and all is over looked


    • ASEF

      “First of all, at the time, no one really realized that Jeno was probably having as tough a time as he was,” Saban said. “And immediately thereafter I was with Jeno for several hours, as Jason (Taylor) was too. … If I didn’t show that emotion, it was because I didn’t realize the extent of what was happening to the player at the time.”

      After the interview, Taylor corroborated Saban’s version of events.

      “He cared deeply for his players. That’s why hearing the Heath Evans/Jeno James story bothers me,” Taylor said. “I was with Nick and Jeno and a handful of other players after the fact. But it did not happen the way it was reported. That’s not true.”


  4. Macallanlover

    Sounds like the butt hurt is on a player, and an agent, who didn’t catch the gold ring. All about the money. Two things: the NFL is also all about the money and they wouldn’t pass on a money-maker because of a coach’s comments when their evaluation says otherwise, they would make their own decision; also, a football coach won’t lie when asked about a player’s abilities or work habits. I am sure Kirby and his staff get information about HS players from their coaches. Being honest establishes credibility that can benefit more players in the future that might otherwise not get a shot. I don’t see Leach “torpedoing” a player….just enemy ships.


  5. Mike Leach has pissed off the entire Pony Express backfield. That’s one helluva accomplishment.


    • Doug

      That’s a good point. I wonder if this has more to do with Dickerson being tight with Craig James than anything else.


  6. Uglydawg

    If you step back and look at the big picture you see Dickerson’s greedy view that College Football isn’t at all about education but money. But only a small percentage of college athletes will become pros. Dickerson’s job is to represent as many of those that do as he can. The marginal ones, like Williiams? More clients mean more money. It’s a one way gamble on marginal ones. Dickerson will take them too,regardless of the wisdom in it for the kid.
    In one ear he’s hearing, “stay another year, get better, get your education and you’ll be prepared and better off”
    In the other ear he’s hearing, “You’ll be rich another whole year earlier. I’ll get you a great contract, the pros are chomping at the bit to draft you”
    What he doesn’t hear is, “I don’t know if you’re good enough or not, but if I wait another year you might go with a different agent. I’ve nothing to lose by gambling your future”.
    What did Dickerson have to lose? He’s not the one out of a job and with a blown opportunity for a college degree if the player doesn’t pan out. Leach had nothing to lose. Williams wasn’t irreplaceable by a long shot.
    I think Leach really believed the kid would be better off staying at WSU..earning degree and then being better prepared to both face the world and to go professional.
    Leach is just a different kind of guy. He’s not full of vitriol. He’s no SOS. But he’s painfully honest and doesn’t really GAS what anyone thinks. I find it kind of refreshing to see a successful coach that doesn’t measure every word he speaks like a politician.


    • Got Cowdog

      This^. Let’s see how this kid pans out in the league. Sounds to me like Dickerson being predatory and sold the boy on leaving early. He’ll get a chunk of whatever the kid gets and drop him like a hot rock when(if) he gets cut. Eric Dickerson does not give two shits about Boobie other than lining his own pockets.
      Leach is on the money with his response.


  7. I have no idea why a running back with NFL ambitions would go play in the Pirate’s version of the Air Raid.