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Mano a mano

Over at, Dayne Young has a post with some cuts from G-Day that focus on the offensive line, the receiver blocking, and the defensive rush.  It may not be as sexy as QBR, but it’s certainly revealing.  The o-line, as you might guess, tends to have its way in grind ’em scenarios, but the defense gets its licks in when speed matters more than strength.

The unanswered question is whether each group is facing as talented an opponent as it will see during the regular season, or not.  (Although I can already say the defense won’t see another D’Andre Swift in 2019.)

What do y’all see in those clips?


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When dissing the SEC is your only shtick

Danny Kanell, one trick pony.



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Come a long way, with a long way to go

Outside of being happy for those kids who get to chase their dreams further, the NFL draft holds little interest to me, other than what it has to say about the state of the Georgia program.  In that light, here’s an interesting note.

In Smart’s first year at UGA, Isaiah McKenzie was the only player drafted and he was taken in the fifth round. The next year, UGA had six players were taken overall and four inside the top 35 picks. A year later, seven Bulldogs heard their name called and two more key position players, Elijah Holyfield and Jonathan Ledbetter, signed free-agent deals soon after it was over.

Of the 14 players drafted since Smart has become Georgia’s head coach, only four of them are guys he signed. Mecole Hardman Jr. went the highest of those players, as he was taken No. 56 overall by Kansas City this year. Riley Ridley is next and was a fourth-round selection. Javon Wims and Isaac Nauta were seventh-round selections and Holyfield went undrafted.

That makes 10 players recruited and signed by the previous staff that were developed into NFL Draft picks and four of them were first-rounders — Roquan Smith, Isaiah Wynn, Sony Michel, and Deandre Baker. Wynn, Baker, and Smith blossomed under the new staff. Michel and Nick Chubb, who was selected No. 35 overall in 2018, were known commodities but bought into Smart’s vision for the program and hung around an extra year, dramatically improving their draft stock. It’s safe to say that all 14, especially the ones drafted highest, benefited greatly from learning under the UGA staff.

Richt recruited well, just not as well as Smart has.  But there’s definitely an argument to be made that Smart’s doing a better job with player development, too.  Both make for a terrific sales pitch on the recruiting trail, and it would seem to be a message that resonates with high level recruits.

That being said, context is important.  This is the mountain Georgia still has to climb.


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TFW 44-16 is overrated

It is possible to believe — no, make that it is logical to think — both that the SEC is by far the best football conference in the country and that Danny Sheridan is a moronic hack.

Even better, it doesn’t require anyone to break a sweat.

And before you hit David with that “grind” narrative, be aware he’s ready for that.

Don’t confuse strength of schedule with strength of team.  Don’t be like Danny, who just made me defend Clemson.  Damn, I feel a little dirty now.


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Daddy, why did they make the transfer portal?

Because coaches like to have their cake and eat it, too, sweetie.


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Today, in IPTAY


I think that moves him ahead of Saban.

Every day, schools keep telling us they’re broke and everyday they keep proving they’re full of shit.


UPDATE:  The breakdown looks even more impressive.

One can only imagine what McGarity would be looking at should Smart ever bring home a natty.  Well, Jimmy Sexton probably already knows.


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TFW they keep stacking up those recruiting classes

No word on whether he gave two weeks notice.


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Today, in pithy sarcasm

Remember the old line I mentioned the other day about pre-Spurrier Florida — the arrogance of Alabama, combined with the tradition of Vanderbilt?

Somebody’s gone and updated that sucker.

Screenshot_2019-04-26 Check this out

Spurrier couldn’t have snarked it better himself.

If the person responsible for that act of genius would like to step forward and claim credit for it, I’d be happy to hand out an atta boy.


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So much for that narrative

First cornerback selected in the draft.

Sitting out the Sugar Bowl really killed Deandre Baker’s future.


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Chomp talk

Those of you convinced beyond belief that Georgia is inherently disadvantaged every year playing Florida in Jacksonville should know that Dan Mullen’s got your back.

Florida coach Dan Mullen has been outspoken thus far during the offseason, and that trend continued Wednesday night. Mullen told a booster club in Daytona Beach, Fla. that any game the Gators play in the state of Florida is a home game. Presumably that includes the yearly game vs. Georgia in Jacksonville. I’ll explain on today’s show why Mullen’s words could sour some UGA fans on maintaining the rivalry’s tradition of playing at a neutral site.

Sure thing, man.  If Dan Mullen says something, it’s bloody gospel.

Seriously, what does it say that the AJ-C’s found another topic to troll Georgia fans with that comes straight from the mouth of a guy who’s been talking whatever shit he can come up with to distract from his work on the field against the Dawgs?


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