Next up in the rotation

I occasionally posted factoids about Deandre Baker’s last season showing that he was consistently among the best at his position, statistically speaking.

Well, guess what?

Looks like there may be a new sheriff in town.



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9 responses to “Next up in the rotation

  1. Mr. Stokes has looked awesome and will also be a first round pick IMO


  2. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Stokes is on it. Besides his speed, it looks like, based on the quote posted, that he has embraced the challenge which may be the most important asset he has. Go get them, Eric!


    • Texas Dawg

      Tyson Campbell would be up there as well if he ever learns to get his head around a look for the ball. I can not count how many passes he was in position to defend last year only to have the ball whistle right by his ear hole.


      • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

        Oh I agree. Actually, while Stokes currently stands out, the best thing is that like the O line, there are lots of people capable of stepping up and keeping the starters on their toes.


      • Napoleon BonerFart

        The thing that frustrated me was seeing him panic. This isn’t the NFL. QBs aren’t usually throwing receivers open in tiny windows. If a receiver gets half a step on Campbell, he’s got elite speed and can likely recover. Instead, he would reach out and grab him.

        Luckily, he’s young. I remember Tim Jennings getting torched a few times in his early days. He turned out alright.


  3. Greg

    Gonna be tough to pass on the dawgs this year, tougher than last year imo. We have come a LONG ways since Coach Willie & “Escort”.

    Now, if we can just get the DL catch up to the backfield…..if so, I see a MNC, maybe.


  4. stoopnagle

    I guess you can say Baker has “admonished [him] to grab the broom of [coverage] and sweep [one side of the field] clean!”


    Or, at least for me, every time I see “Eric Stokes” I think of “Homer Stokes” and his little man.


  5. Mikey

    Which one is better I Shot the Sheriff song the original by Bob Marley and the Wailers. or the one Eric Clapton did live