The Big 12, for one, welcomes our new gambling overlords.

Welp, this shoe actually dropped a little sooner than I expected.

Big 12 coaches are discussing the implementation of a standardized conference-wide injury report, but they would prefer some type of national uniformity.

The Big 12 is among six FBS conferences holding spring meetings at the same resort hotel in Arizona this week. The American Football Coaches Association also met this week.

Introducing NFL-style injury reports to college football has become more likely in the past year as legal wagering on sporting events has become more prevalent.

And we thought college football wasn’t trying to be fan friendly.



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2 responses to “The Big 12, for one, welcomes our new gambling overlords.

  1. UGA’13

    As someone who runs a few CFB pick’em pools, and was researching injuries the old fashioned way before making my picks, I welcome the change. All that BS about coaches wanted to protect player privacy is just that. This was always about the competitive advantage.


  2. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I am in the camp of not understanding how useful this really is. Can a doctor give an accurate report most of the time? Okay, I knew when Chubb got hurt at UT he was injured, and that was a definite. It also did not need to be “disclosed”. But when he was coming back, well, there was no way to know he was healthy until you saw it. Smaller injuries are even more elusive. Lots of guys get sprains, strains and pulls, and I don’t think there is any medical way to know when player X is going to play, and if he plays, if he is going to be 100%, or90%, or 80%. These are just fictional numbers given out because people want numbers.