TFW your humble blogger ponders the existential chicken vs. egg question

Sooooo… which came first, the StingTalk thread, or the AJ-C troll?

Bless their hearts.


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19 responses to “TFW your humble blogger ponders the existential chicken vs. egg question

  1. Heyberto

    Like with any rankings, it only really matters where you finish. Take your moral victories where you can get ‘em boys!


  2. ugafidelis

    I don’t follow recruiting too closely and I know it’s not over til the fat lady sings, but Bama has 16 commitments and we only have 7? What gives there?


    • Eric Johnson

      You should have stopped at I don’t follow recruiting very closely.


    • pumblechook

      That’s usually how it goes when you’re in it for so many high ranked guys like UGA is right now. They tend to draw the process out a bit longer, and as a result spots remain open. A lot also depends on the scholarship numbers, as you don’t want to fill too many spots too early while there is still a chance of attrition.

      Also, sometimes the staff likes to keep commits silent for some reason or another, as the timing of public commitments can have a big effect on the perception of your momentum, which itself can sway undecided recruits. It can also mean that your rivals spend resources recruiting a silent commit, which can definitely be a bonus.

      The bottom line is that it is meaningless to celebrate recruiting rankings right now. But the poor little nerds can’t help themselves.


      • Russ

        Yeah, I think the number 1 class from a couple of years ago was looking really bad at the start of summer. Lots of articles written about how Kirby couldn’t recruit. Check back in December and then we can decide whether or not to worry.


  3. Those guys at ST are hilarious. I’m not sure they understand football, one of them said that this class has vaulted them into elite status.


  4. 3rdandGrantham

    Yep – a bunch of 3 star guys for GT trump 4-5 star types for us. Of course your class will be ranked higher when you have almost double the recruits on board. Unless the AJC or GT types honestly feel that UGA will end up only signing 10-11 recruits, the entire thing is a non-starter and an utterly pointless conversation.


  5. Mikey

    Hell the StingTalk for sure no doubt


  6. Charlottedawg

    Aren’t gt people supposed to be good at math? Or maybe it’s the critical thinking part that eludes them.

    Arguing GT recruiting is in the same zip code as UGA much less peers is the football equivalent of arguing that tech is on par academically with MIT and Stanford. A delusional narrative when any informed observer knows that if one has the option to go to the latter he or she is not even considering the former. Frankly I’m not sure Kirby’s recruiting board has much if any overlap with Collins’.


  7. Buddha

    I’m skeered and a-tramblin’ so, LMAO!


  8. noseanmorono

    “Kirby is trending down”…based on what metrics?


  9. Bay Area Dawg

    I’ll bet every dollar/asset I own that we finish above Tech. I do like recruiting and follow it pretty closely. Georgia is recruiting like Bama now, which means we are recruiting nationally not just regionally. I mean we have shot to land the top recruit out of Nevada and DC. Most of Georgia’s top recruits won’t commit until sometime during their season year.