Not so bad, now that we think about it.

This didn’t take too long.

The board also voted to rescind the NCAA Championships Policy Related to Sports Wagering, which prohibited hosting championship competitions in any state that allows single-game sports wagering. The decision follows the board’s temporary action last year to suspend the policy following the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize sports wagering.

The board also reinforced its support for federal legislative sports wagering standards. While the board stressed that an exemption of college sports in any federal or state legislation is desired, it emphasized that any proposed legislation should protect student-athlete well-being and the integrity of games.

Nice touch with the “student-athlete well-being” nod there, Stacey.  As long as it doesn’t affect the bottom line, anyway.

Speaking of bottom lines, how long do you figure it’s going to take the NCAA to come up with an official March Madness pool?  Lotta money being left on the table, folks.


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3 responses to “Not so bad, now that we think about it.

  1. CFP National Championship Game and/or a Final Four will be coming to La$ Vega$ in the next 10 years with the new stadium for the Raiders.


    • Mikey

      I don’t know if I understand that lol but it was interesting


      • Because of the NCAA’s restriction on holding championship events in states that have legalized sports gambling, Vegas has never been able to bid on big events. With the changes, Vegas is going to go after these events once the Raiders move permanently to Nevada.