In Georgia, you don’t go to library.

Library goes to you… at least in a few places.

I got tagged with this yesterday.

This looks cool as hell, if you’re in one of those spots.  Jason is a class act.  Go see him, if you can.


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5 responses to “In Georgia, you don’t go to library.

  1. Russ

    It is great they are doing this. Wish I was in state so I could go see it.

    I wonder if Jason can tell me why there isn’t any historical info on the basketball team on the AA site.


  2. Trbodawg

    I was really hoping they’d show up at my local Library in Davis Ca.


  3. Milledge Hall

    What the hell???
    No visits south of the macon-dixie line???


  4. Mikey

    I will for sure do this. Thank you for that information. 👍


    • Mikey

      I’ll do the Monroe one that’s closer to me. Appreciate that info on that. I’m looking forward to this. Thanks