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How thin is Georgia at wide receiver?

This thin:

WR Dominick Blaylock: The high four-star prospect can help out at arguably the thinnest specific position on the team — slot receiver. Kearis Jackson and Demetris Robertson are the scholarship receivers helping out at that position but neither has caught a pass in a real game.

I think the words “at Georgia” are missing at the end there, as Robertson caught a bunch in his only season at Cal, but it’s still startling to see a position group in Smart’s fourth season with that little experience as a whole.



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PAWWWLLL dooms Boom?

I imagine this will be an interesting call to revisit a time or two down the road:

“I don’t think anyone could argue against the following statement that South Carolina has the hardest schedule in the country,” ESPN college football analyst Paul Finebaum said on this week’s show. “It is absolutely brutal. There is just no getting around it. So knowing that you have Alabama, knowing that you have Georgia and Clemson. By almost everyone’s projections, those are the No. 1, 2 and 3 schools in the country.

“You also have the normal lot of Florida and Tennessee and North Carolina to begin. Florida is a potential top 10 team. A&M is not far outside the top 10. We already mentioned the other three.”

It definitely looks like a bitch, at least from the perspective of early May.


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Bright lights, big city

If a lawyer tends to go where his clients are, this has some potentially interesting ramifications.

Mars would soon learn what a “big deal” Fields was. After handling Fields’ case, Mars’ business has taken off to the point that he can’t handle it all anymore.

Mars said he stopped counting “a while back” when the number of clients he has represented in NCAA eligibility cases reached 50. That number grows daily. He said he typically accepts two or three calls a day inquiring about his services, but he said that shortly after the Fields’ ruling, he accepted eight clients in one day.

Not coincidentally, Mars is leaving his Arkansas law firm to start his own practice, the Mars Law Firm, with offices in Atlanta and Northwest Arkansas.

Of course, it is easier to get a connecting flight out of Atlanta.


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“I think the optics are that the football coach is in line for a new deal.”

You gotta love the need for a lengthy Knoxville News Sentinel article explaining to the Vol faithful — complete with commentary from not one, but two, college professors — why Rick Barnes is paid more than a guy whose complete resume as a football head coach is one 5-7 season.

No doubt Jimmy Sexton appreciates it.


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