How thin is Georgia at wide receiver?

This thin:

WR Dominick Blaylock: The high four-star prospect can help out at arguably the thinnest specific position on the team — slot receiver. Kearis Jackson and Demetris Robertson are the scholarship receivers helping out at that position but neither has caught a pass in a real game.

I think the words “at Georgia” are missing at the end there, as Robertson caught a bunch in his only season at Cal, but it’s still startling to see a position group in Smart’s fourth season with that little experience as a whole.


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22 responses to “How thin is Georgia at wide receiver?

  1. FlyingPeakDawg

    Jake will find his target(s) during summer workouts. May not have a AJ Green on the roster, but we’ll be fine.

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    • GruvenDawg

      Lots of talent at the position group, not a ton of experience. Agreed on Jake getting his timing down this summer with the wide outs. I would love to see Pickens in those workouts as well. He might be able to get the playbook down enough to get on the field by the UF game. I REALLY want him to qualify.

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  2. Greg

    Honestly think we will be strong at WR this year, maybe even better than a year ago. The surprising position position for me is running back, especially with the OL we have. I guess an argument could be made for QB also….the Richt effect??

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  3. California_dawg

    I’m way more nervous about our RB depth if Swift goes down (if anyone can talk me off the ledge I’d appreciate it). Not to beat a dead horse from the post on the matter the other day, but one Swift injury could derail our season. I love Herrien but I wonder how he’ll perform consistently as our #2.

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    • Derek

      Gotta have Zeus full go if we’re really going to make noise. I think he will be.

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    • AlphaDawg

      We have RB depth. Its just questionable depth. I personally think Cook is much more of a threat now than Herrien was as a Sophomore. If Zeus is healthy we’re gonna be chewing up defenses.


  4. Ray

    WR depth is fine if it wasn’t you would have seen kids signed as Athletes and WRs that have been moved to DBs moved back o WR
    Haven’t seen that happen so coaches are fine with what they have at the position


    • The only kid on the roster like that is Mark Webb and he’s likely in the two-deep rotation in the secondary.

      In other words, there really isn’t much to move over, even if the coaches wanted to.

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    • Mikey

      Our WR depth is Not fine Wtf makes you think that? Explain to me that our WR depth is good I would really like to that


      • Will Adams

        You’re absolutely right in that we seriously lack depth of proven talent at the WR position. But, I’m not as concerned about it for more than a few reasons.

        First, the guys that do have some good experience (Holloman and Simmons) have shown that they can play at this level and make big plays. Heck, by the end of the season last year Holloman was one of Fromm’s favorite targets. That wasn’t happenstance. It was because Holloman was playing some great football.

        Second, the guys that don’t have a lot of experience (D-rob, Jackson, and others) are still very talented and have the potential to be excellent WR’s. D-rob was a 5 star for a reason and played well his freshman year. He just might turn out to be the WR we were all hoping we’d get last year. And Cook has and can play some slot receiver if needed. Also, Woerner has shown he can be a weapon when called upon and I expect he will have a great season. Wolff should hold his own as well.

        Third, there are a couple of positions that are easier for a true freshman to come in and make a big impact. Those are RB and WR. So Blaylock could very easily come in and be a big time weapon and it wouldn’t be a huge surprise. Or Pickens, if he qualifies, could be that guy. Remember how awesome AJ Green was as a freshman? I’m not saying Pickens is AJ, but he is immensely talented and should be playing on Sundays after his time in Athens.

        And fourth, our OL, RB’s, and QB are elite. Most defenses will have to commit extra guys to defend the run due to the talent and experience we have at RB and OL. Jake is extremely smart and experienced and will be able to pick on the weak areas of the defensive secondary. Of which there will be many.

        All of the above would have to go wrong for the passing game to suffer. Whereas, if one or 2 of them go right, then our passing game will be one of the best in the country.

        So can we say for sure that the WR group will be great this year? No, we can’t. But there are a ton of ways in which it could turn out to be a great unit. There are too many realistic possibilities that make for a good WR group to be overly concerned about it right now. It will be fun to watch and see what happens this year either way.


  5. practicaldawg

    The media is desperate to find a weakness on this team, so this is it.


    • Mikey

      Exactly but this is a weakness. Seriously it is and I’m worried after all we lost. We got to be able throw the ball down the field that’s very important you can talk all about the running game but if struggle at the the passing game we ain’t do good


    • Go Dawgs!

      I don’t think they really had to work very hard to find this particular weakness. Just because it’s the only position of real concern on our team doesn’t mean that it isn’t a very real concern.


  6. Gurkha Dawg

    I’m really not worried. With our OL, if Swift stays healthy we will have a GREAT running game. If Swift goes down we will have a very good running game. Plenty good enough to keep the pressure off Jake.


  7. Bulldog Joe

    2019: Hardman, Ridley, Godwin, Nauta
    2018: Wims
    2017: McKenzie
    2016: Mitchell
    2015: Conley

    How many run-heavy college offenses can boast of this type of receiver production in the NFL draft?

    Georgia loses a lot, but Georgia produces a lot, too.


  8. Mikey

    I said I was concerned bout our passing game and the receivers. It’s going to be tough for Jake Fromm this year he don’t have what he had but I think we will good I think we will be


  9. Mikey

    Well I’m concerned about this issue I think it’s very important Jake got to get someone he can go to this year so yeah I think the receivers and tight end is very important to our offense this year


  10. Mikey

    Yeah we lost a lot of good talent. So we need figure who’s going to step up for Jake to go to. It’s for sure a concern this year no doubt


  11. Go Dawgs!

    Kirby has done an excellent job of building his roster and planning for attrition. I really get the impression that he wasn’t anticipating Mecole Hardman entering this year’s draft, though.


  12. DawgPhan

    There are only so many scholarships and being 2 deep at OL has to come from somewhere.

    WR is probably the spot that this team can be thin at and still do alright, but a couple fo skill position injuries could really slow things down on offense. Especially with a newish OC.