It’s May, the month of lists.

Some are dumb.

3. Dan Mullen, Florida

SEC rank: 2

SEC East rank: 1

2018 rank: 3

Lots of SEC country road cred for his Mississippi State work. The Gators are making progress.

4. Kirby Smart, Georgia

SEC rank: 3

SEC East rank: 2

2018 rank: 5

A few plays against Alabama or a few committee votes shy of a second straight College Football Playoff appearance.

And some are surprisingly observant.

1. Georgia

The sleeping giant is awake. Perhaps no job in the country offers the best of every world like Georgia — great recruiting base, great place to live, great fan base … you get the point. The one knock: The administration hasn’t necessarily been as “all in” as some of the Bulldogs’ rivals in the league.  [Emphasis added.

Gee, I wonder how anyone could have gotten that impression.


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14 responses to “It’s May, the month of lists.

  1. Doug

    Dan Mullen has beaten Kirby Smart once. Once. And it was 11 years ago, in the SEC championship game, when they were both coordinators. The one time they faced off as head coaches, Kirby won by three TDs on a neutral field. I get that Mullen did impressive things in Starkville, where SEC careers go to die, but when do we stop grading him on the curviest of all curves?


  2. Cojones

    Mullen rated over Smart alerts us to the politics of a writer’s resume. Where in hell does he get off stating that they are #1 in East using any stretch of the imagination. Guess this guy is on his downstroke and needed the clicks to crawl back into his diminishing game.

    Now the Dawgs have to go into J’ville and smack’em again for emphasis. On the other hand, this sort of writing could keep the odds for that game in a favorable position for Dawg fans to bet and win a sizable sum. Just when will those odds be posted from Vegas?


      • Macallanlover

        And that is a helluva bet to make on UGA, it won’t be that close when game week comes. Early line aren’t my thing, but I will bet heavy on UGA over FU at less than a TD.

        Consider the source of where that article came from that ranked Mullen that high, state of SC isn’t that deep in CFB smarts, despite what Dabo has built recently. You can make a case that Mullen seems an OK coach, but nothing to justify putting him anywhere near the top, perhaps somewhere near middle of the pack. Can’t say he is even ahead of Orgeron, Fisher, Doren, or even Brown, Cutcliffe, and Clausen. Jury still out on a few of the newbies.


  3. DawgPhan

    This seems to be pretty consistent in a lot of media types. For whatever reason Smart is considered a recruiter and not much of a “coach”. These days I dont know that you can cut that recruiter part out of the HC job description.


  4. Debby Balcer

    SC paper stirring the pot. The writer is delusional besides this obvious mistake he put a lot of ACC coaches above SEC coaches.



    OU added in 23, we are going there, they are scheduled to be in Athens in 31. Seems odd just typing that date.

    Me thinks Kirby sees the playoffs going to 8.


  6. St. Johns Dawg

    Gather round, my children, and I’ll tell you the tale of the mid 2000’s SEC Football world … When the Gators were giants, Bama the Ogre had not yet awakened from a long slumber, and the nicest, most respected coach in the SEC (who had won 2 conference crowns) was given lots of pre-season love saying, dog-gone it, THIS was the year Mark Richt would get the Bulldogs over the hump to greater glory. Because, you know, he deserved it.
    Now let me tell you a tale of the 2019 SEC world, where Dan Mullen deserves to get the Gators over the hump … In the end this will play out the same way, my children, as the mid-2000s.


  7. The Georgia Way

    Rest assured, we are all in.

    Are you? #COMMITTOTHEG


  8. Derek

    If it wasn’t for the fake FG at LSU and the fake punt in seccg I’d complain.