Pics, or it didn’t happen.

For those of you jonesing to do your own QBR evaluation, here’s the complete version of this year’s G-Day game tape, including the part that Mickey diverted to the Ocho until the softball game finished.


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9 responses to “Pics, or it didn’t happen.

  1. CB

    Been lookin for this. Bout time.


  2. Mikey

    It was a bit nippy out there


  3. Mikey

    I like Maria Taylor she was good in Volleyball and I think she sexy. she was named a member of the All-SEC volleyball team each season. She also continued to play for the US Volleyball Junior National A2 team, and helped them win a bronze medal during the Open Division of the US Volleyball Championships.[1] By the time her playing days were done in the fall of 2008, Taylor ranked fourth all-time in program history in career kills with 1,729 and was fourth all-time in total points with 2,020


  4. CB

    Matthew doesn’t have an HD TV?


  5. I’ve been wondering why I can’t find the full game on YouTube or anywhere else.