Those that can, recruit. Those that can’t, mock Georgia.

You may have heard that Clemson’s recruiting is on a remarkable run of late.  The Tigers just received the commitment of the top-rated running back in Florida, Demarckus Bowman.  Bowman is the kind of kid Dan Mullen needs and needs badly.  But Bowman won’t be a Gator.

That’s led to a fair amount of reflection on Mullen’s recruiting.  Contrary to what many like to think, Florida isn’t immune to what ultimately drives success in the SEC:  the Jimmies and Joes.  Just ask his former boss what matters.

Meyer, Mullen’s former mentor and the man who led Florida to two national titles with Mullen as his offensive coordinator from 2005-08, was asked how quickly he thinks Mullen can get the Gators into the College Football Playoff.

“Oh, Dan’s the right guy. I think this year,” Meyer said before pausing for a second. “I don’t know their, I’m going to talk to him a little bit tonight, but I don’t know exactly their talent level. But he’s the right guy and if they have the talent level, he’ll get them there.”

About that talent level, Corch…

Now, obviously, that’s not all on Mullen.  Jim McElwain’s recruiting dug a deep hole for Mullen to climb out of, but, still, if you can’t land any five-stars when you’re running the premier program in a state that’s consistently one of the top three talent producers in the country, it makes the task at hand that much harder.

If Gator fans are noticing, well, there’s always another bit of snark to throw in Athens’ direction as a distraction.  Look, squirrel!


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10 responses to “Those that can, recruit. Those that can’t, mock Georgia.

  1. I think its safe to say Kirbs runs a recruiting hub in Mullen’s head.

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  2. 81Dog

    They think Franks us clearly better than Fromm. They think they had a better 2018 than us. They think their roster is clearly better than ours. They think Slingblade Danny is clearly a better coach than Kirby. November is coming. Let’s see what happens when it’s time to separate the sheep from the goats. Right now, they’re turning into South Carolina. All talk, 3rd place in the east.

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    • Texas Dawg

      Seems that UGA has boat raced the competition in the East. We are to the point where we would be shocked with anything but an SEC East title as the absolute minimum for a season. With all this 3rd place talk for USCe, FU & 10rc, is there anyone worthy of 2nd place. Will 2nd place be a void and all the lesser teams start filling out the standings at 3rd place on down.


      • Texas, that’s reality my friend…it’s UGA and the rest in the east, if you ain’t first, you’re last…once UGA has visited your building, that school is playing for bowl position


  3. practicaldawg

    Somebody start a “days since Florida had a 5-star player” counter

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    • Argondawg

      When they finally do sign a 5 star player that will be there “shot across our bow.” I have always hoped that the worm would turn and that I would live long enough to see us get this series turned back the what it was like when I was growing up. I think we are about to see that and I couldn’t be happier. I hate UF about as much as you can hate a program. They think Mullen is Meyer and he is not. Nor is he even Spurrier. If he doesn’t recruit at a higher level he will be gone in another couple of years.

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      • Texas Dawg

        As delusional as FU has become, they will add up the stars of the 3 star and 2 star that rotate at a position and claim the position is manned by 5 start talent.


  4. stoopnagle


    Also, I take some solace in knowing that the next scheduled game with Clemson in in ’24 when this class of ’20 has mostly aged out.

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    • GruvenDawg

      The guys that are highly ranked should have left early by 2024. I had to go back and look when we played them after the Breese, Bowman, and DJ signings.


  5. GruvenDawg

    UF is clueless. They will be looking up at us for a while. I think the lose at least 3 games this year, @LSU, vs UGA, and one of vs AU, @USC, @MIZZ.

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