Chip Towers’ blinding revelation

Really, it comes about a year late, but it’s still inspiring to watch a light bulb go off over his head.

Happy to hear Georgia finally secured a home-and-home deal with Oklahoma. Kind of bummed that the Sooners won’t be coming to Athens until 2031 though.

If you pay for UGA season tickets, you’re probably a little miffed about that, too. It will require some patience between Notre Dame in 2019 and UCLA in 2026…

I asked Georgia AD Greg McGarity if the Bulldogs might fill in some of those scheduling gaps between Notre Dame this fall and UCLA and in ’26. “You never know,” is all he offered.

The fact is, if you just sign up to become a Georgia season-ticket holder over the next five years, (as a Magill Society member, that’d cost you $25,000, plus however much individual tickets cost apiece over that span), the best non-conference home game you’re assured of seeing at Sanford Stadium during that stretch is Georgia Tech.

You’ll get Louisiana-Monroe, East Tennessee State, San Jose State and UAB as well. Other than Tech in even years, that’s all that is assured at the moment.

This is all something any season ticket holder who plunked down his or her hard earned cash for that joke of a 2018 home slate could have told Chip.  It’s hardly news.

What’s news is Kirby continuing to push for scheduling upgrades.

Smart has made it a point to schedule some of the best opponents in the country.

If you’re going to recruit the finest players in the country out of your own state, and across the country, because our academic institution is so highly thought of, if I want to have the best players, I want to play the best teams,” Smart said earlier this spring. “They come to college to play big games. They don’t come to college, I would never name anybody, but they don’t want to play the little sisters of the poor. They want to play the best teams, so we want to go schedule the best teams.”

That’s one difference between your average five-star recruit and McGarity.  Speaking of whom, “’You never know,’ is all he offered” may be the perfect epitaph for his Georgia career.



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12 responses to “Chip Towers’ blinding revelation

  1. Fech
    1 additional P5 opponent
    2 cupcakes for cannon fodder (assuming the SEC keeps the 8-game schedule)

    That’s the scheduling recipe everyone will be ok with.


  2. Mikey

    Hell i hope I’m still around and not dead when those games come around


  3. GruvenDawg

    Those future schedules are starting to look pretty awesome. The gaps at home until UCLA are going to be hard to fill with a home and home looking at other P5 teams schedules. Interestingly the JAX contract comes up in 2021. I wonder if someone is leveraging to get get that series out of JAX every year.


  4. Mikey

    seriously think bout it 2031 omg I don’t even won’t to think about where I’ll be or even I’ll be living in 2031 geez


  5. ATL Dawg

    A lot can change in college football in 8 years. Assuming the return game will actually happen is a risky approach. Of course, when one of your main motivations for doing these home & homes is to get people to join the Magill Society to position themselves for away tickets, you’re not all that concerned about the home game.

    And as I said yesterday, that 5 year stretch of home schedules from 2020 thru 2024 is very stale. No interesting OOC games and the only rotating west division teams are Arkansas and Ole Miss.

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    • stoopnagle

      Man, that Notre Dame game made a light go off for them, didn’t it? It isn’t like we didn’t travel in droves to Tempe and Boulder, but whatever.


  6. kfoge

    So Smart said he didn’t want to name anyone, but then calls out the little sisters of the poor……those Nuns are going to be jacked next time they play us.

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  7. Looks like he wrote about it a year ago, too.