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Baby steps, Gator style

Georgia’s busy scheduling home-and-homes with the likes of Oklahoma, Clemson, Notre Dame, etc.

Here’s Florida’s big move.

Hey, give ’em some credit.  At least they’ll be leaving the friendly regular season confines of the home state for the first time in more than three decades.  That’s brave.



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Talkin’ Season

Hot damn, is Seth Emerson spot on with this ($$):

Georgia is only measuring itself against one team these days, and it’s not Florida. There is only one team that Georgia players wake up thinking about, one team the fan base dreams about beating, one team that occupies a perpetual corner in the minds of anyone associated with Georgia football. And it’s not Florida.

We all know that team. The name has not been mentioned yet in this column, because it doesn’t need to be.

Whisper voice: It’s Alabama. We’re talking about Alabama.

Eyes on the prize, boys.  Ignore the noise.


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The year of living happily

On a scale of one to ten — one being, say, the way you felt after the 2015 loss to Alabama and ten being the way you felt after the Rose Bowl win — how would you feel if all of AL.com’s five bold predictions about the 2019 season came to pass?


UPDATE:  Kirbs responds.

During his Wednesday appearance at the Regions Tradition in Birmingham, Kirby Smart was asked to share his reaction to that column while a guest on WJOX 94.5 FM radio show “The Roundtable.” His response didn’t disappoint.

“I’ll tell you what, that’s the only way we’ve been able to beat them so far,” Smart replied after losing to Alabama in consecutive seasons.

He then offered up his honest response to the article.

“Nah, I don’t get into the predictions,” Smart said. “I think they sell, I think it’s great for the media and it’s great for the offseason for everybody to talk about but our predictions are we’ve got to go practice, play good and get a good football team/product on the field. That’s what we are working on right now.”


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Take that, Mike Bianchi.

Isaac Nauta:

What team was your most hated rival?

“For me, it’s got to be either Florida or Auburn. I can’t stand Florida because they generally think that they’re much better than they are. As far as Auburn, well, I just couldn’t stand them either. Going into college, I really didn’t hate any team because I hadn’t really been a fan of any team. But, when we lost to Auburn [in 2017], my hate went berserk for them, just like when we had lost to Florida the year before, I hated them. It’s got to be between those two teams. I hate both of them. You know what, I’ll give you a definite: I hate Florida. It’s such an overblown program. I hate Florida the most.”

Isaac, if you think the Gators are that way now, you should have been around them in the pre-Spurrier days.


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Your 5.8.19 Playpen

Okay, a subject of critical importance:  what’s your favorite sports movie?

For me, there are a lot of worthy contenders, but at the top of the list:

Share yours in the comments.


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Post spring depth charts

Over at Dawgs247, Jake Rowe takes a stab at a post-spring projection of the offensive and defensive depth charts.  They’re pretty informative and I have a few takeaways.

  • I am not so arrogant as to declare Georgia’s roster from top to bottom being on the same level as Alabama’s (although the gap narrows), but I’m confident that one area where things are even is the offensive line.  Andrew Thomas will leave after this season as a likely top-five NFL draft pick and the o-line won’t miss a beat.  I don’t know if Sam Pittman is Georgia’s best assistant coach hire of the 21st century, but I can’t think of one that’s had a greater positive impact in such a short period of time.
  • If, as Rowe writes, “the slot receiver position is key in Coley’s offense because of the option routes and two-way go’s”, color me still a little nervous about the position.
  • That being said, between need and talent, at least one of Georgia’s incoming true freshman receivers is going to wind up being a major contributor this season.
  • The most troubling note from both pieces?  This:  “… (Jordan) Davis being somewhat out of shape at the start of spring drills”.  I hope that isn’t a precursor to a season long struggle to contribute.
  • If there’s a surprise, it’s Mark Webb clawing his way to the top of the two-deep at the nickel position.  Looks like that’s gonna be a battle all season long.
  • Stephenson at two at one of the cornerback spots isn’t a surprise to me, though, given how confident he looked at G-Day.
  • Given the depth at safety, I don’t expect Cine to crack the starting lineup this season, but he’ll be there in 2020.  Good looking player.

Overall, crazy depth.


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Another upside to upgrading the schedule

While we’re on the subject of trolling, you gotta like this.

Smart took over a very good program in 2016 and has both modernized and improved it. It reached the title game in his second season and took Alabama to the wire in the SEC title game last year. He’s signed Rivals.com’s No. 1 recruiting class in 2018 and 2019.

Now he’s shaking up the future by changing the way SEC teams generally schedule. It may even be spilling over.

Just Tuesday, Florida athletic director Scott Stricklin took to Twitter to announce, “There are a couple future home-and-home series we are getting ready to announce. Just waiting on some final contract signatures in the coming weeks.”

It’s not as flashy as social media mockery about 14000, but Georgia getting all this favorable national attention over its scheduling upgrade is being noticed by that school down south.  Kirby may not run his mouth, but he knows how to hit the mark, no?


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Best consolation prize ever

Rejoice, South Carolina.  Maybe your quarterbacks aren’t going to join the Heisman conversation any time soon, but at least your “quarterback succession plan” is one of the best in the country.

Of course there’s that Mike Tyson line about plans and getting hit in the mouth, but we’ll leave that for another day, Columbia.


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If Mark Bradley didn’t exist, Greg McGarity would have to invent him.

There is so much fellating in this puff piece about Greg McGarity, Savior of Georgia’s Schedule, that Bradley’s jaw still has to be sore.

What’s especially amusing is that Bradley credits McGarity with the sudden upgrade in opponents on future schedules (“an AD can make a schedule”) without bothering to explain why the change in heart from the way the same AD was scheduling the past eight years.  (HINT:  There isn’t one.)

And, for that matter, it’s funny how Bradley’s claim that “Georgia’s home schedule is largely a function of its fans’ insistence on keeping the Florida game in Jacksonville” as an excuse for those previous “tepid” schedules inexplicably no longer seems to burden our intrepid hero.  I mean, last time I checked, we fans remain as selfishly insistent about going to Jacksonville as ever.  (Not to mention Greg still likes cashing those big checks the city sends him every year.)

But why let logic get in the way of a good slurping?  I mean, “… but if McGarity retires tomorrow (guessing he won’t), he has set his legacy” is borderline fanfic.

Maybe one day, if you’re lucky enough, somebody will look at you the way Bradley looks at McGarity.


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Now, THIS is how you troll Georgia.

DawgNation grasshoppers, pay attention to Mike Bianchi.  He’s the master.

The fact is I’ve always thought Georgia was the most overrated program in college football and I still do. And the Gator-concocted 14K Day drives that point home even further.

I’ve written it before and I will reiterate it here:

Georgia fans have way too high of an opinion of their program. The Bulldogs have won one national title in the modern era and that came nearly 40 years ago in 1980. And the only reason it happened then is because of two lightning-in-a-bottle twists of fate: The Bulldogs were fortunate enough to sign arguably the greatest player in college football history (see Herschel Walker) and they were lucky enough to take advantage of one of the biggest fluke plays in college football history (see Lindsay Scott’s catch-and-run against Florida during the national-championship season).

I once wrote that without Herschel Walker and Lindsay Scott, Georgia would be closer in history and tradition to South Carolina than it is to Florida. I’ll admit now that’s probably taking it a bit too far and, therefore, I’d like to amend that statement to say this: Without Walker and Scott, Georgia would be closer in history and tradition to Wisconsin than Florida. For most of its history, Georgia has been a good, solid program; just not an elite program.

That’s good trolling.  You can get mad at the editorializing, but the underlying facts are the underlying facts.

Of course, the mark of a master troller is going too far and Bianchi doesn’t disappoint.

Plus, it doesn’t help that Smart may have met his match in Mullen, who turned UF’s program around in one season and is starting to challenge Smart’s superiority on the recruiting trail.

And there’s no higher praise of a good troll than another master of the art’s recognition, which of course followed yesterday like the day follows night.

I hope you DawgNation fellas are taking notes.


UPDATE:  If you’ve got the time, you ought to listen to the first hour of yesterday’s Finebaum show, not so much for Bianchi, who just repeats his column, but for what Seth Emerson had to say afterwards.


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