Post spring depth charts

Over at Dawgs247, Jake Rowe takes a stab at a post-spring projection of the offensive and defensive depth charts.  They’re pretty informative and I have a few takeaways.

  • I am not so arrogant as to declare Georgia’s roster from top to bottom being on the same level as Alabama’s (although the gap narrows), but I’m confident that one area where things are even is the offensive line.  Andrew Thomas will leave after this season as a likely top-five NFL draft pick and the o-line won’t miss a beat.  I don’t know if Sam Pittman is Georgia’s best assistant coach hire of the 21st century, but I can’t think of one that’s had a greater positive impact in such a short period of time.
  • If, as Rowe writes, “the slot receiver position is key in Coley’s offense because of the option routes and two-way go’s”, color me still a little nervous about the position.
  • That being said, between need and talent, at least one of Georgia’s incoming true freshman receivers is going to wind up being a major contributor this season.
  • The most troubling note from both pieces?  This:  “… (Jordan) Davis being somewhat out of shape at the start of spring drills”.  I hope that isn’t a precursor to a season long struggle to contribute.
  • If there’s a surprise, it’s Mark Webb clawing his way to the top of the two-deep at the nickel position.  Looks like that’s gonna be a battle all season long.
  • Stephenson at two at one of the cornerback spots isn’t a surprise to me, though, given how confident he looked at G-Day.
  • Given the depth at safety, I don’t expect Cine to crack the starting lineup this season, but he’ll be there in 2020.  Good looking player.

Overall, crazy depth.


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14 responses to “Post spring depth charts

  1. Dave

    I tend to agree.

    The one thing about the slot that gives me a little peace is that there is no shortage of (assumed) talent there.

    I assume it’s Kearis, D-Rob, and possibly Blaylock when he arrives. True, it’s very much a question mark, but those are all guys that were among the top 100 players in the country out of high school (from many recruiting services).. Kearis was probably the lowest of any, and even he was ranked 4th best WR for ESPN fwiw.

    So, very accurate to say it’s an unknown, but there should be at least 3 players who were highly regarded. From an odds perspective, I like ours.


    • Macallanlover

      Should there be a need for another option at slot, and I don’t see it now, don’t overlook Baby Cook. I think Kirby/Coley is looking for ways to utilize him in the offense, very explosive and smooth.

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      • HamDawg11

        I think Cook has some great potential, but I’m a little skeptical due to his inability to break tackles. Marshall was a speed demon who could outrun a defense once he got in the open field, but lacked the balance to play through contact and bust big plays. Let’s hope Cook has improved his lower body strength and balance from 18.


  2. Argondawg

    Just looking at the level of talent on the roster I do not think we are behind anyone in the country at this point. This should be our year on paper but that doesn’t mean shit on the field. We won’t play a team with near the talent we have until the SEC championship. That doesn’t mean we won’t suffer from cranial flatulenceat some inopportune time. The adjustment in expectations has been the weirdest for me to change in the last 40 years. I have just come to expect us to lose one against someone we shouldn’t. We are talented veteran team. What now?


    • I’m not saying it’s definitive, but I’ll be very interested to read Steele’s position group rankings in this year’s magazine.

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    • Derek

      To me, it’s NOLA or bust. Especially, if Jake is bolting for the NFL after the season. It’s going to be hard to keep recruiting classes that CAN compete for a natty if we don’t get close the deal here soon.

      I’m very bullish on us for 2019. I think we’ve outplayed Bama twice and now we’re a little better than Bama. Clemson may stand in the way but they won’t be strong enough up front.

      I say we take it down in NOLA on 1.13.20 and then go on a run like we’ve never seen.

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      • Greg

        Agree for the most part, ’19 will tell a lot. Thinks Fromm will stick around, thinks he is a college kid that just loves the experience….much like Peyton (UT).


    • Greg

      good post, agree for the most part….we should have had at least one of those Bama matchups, maybe both of them.


  3. Derek

    I’d like to see us put an extra back in and see whether the defense goes nickel or stays base. Run it if they go nickel, match up 7 or 6 vs a LB in space if they don’t.

    Give us some wheel routes Coley!


  4. Greg

    would like to see Rochester get mean and nasty for an entire game….get filthy, to want it. He has all the potential in the world imo, just don’t think he is pushing it to the max. Maybe he will since this is his last year…….and whatever happened to Carter?? Thought he would be a major contributor coming out of HS.

    The depth (quality) still concerns me on the DL, maybe some freshman will step up. But you really hate to depend on freshman, especially on the DL. Not worried about Davis, he got himself in shape before. Odds are, he will do it again. Love to watch him play, love the passion.


  5. UGAs WRs are the weakest link in the team, IMO. That’s not to say they’re not good, but when you compare them to teams UGA will have to beat to win it all (Bama, Clemson, Ohio State, OU) I think it’s clearly a level (or more) below them.


  6. Otto

    I am most concerned about DL especially nose guard/DT. Run defense seemed to rise and fall with Jordan Davis. I understand a player has impact, Mount Cody, Nick Fairley being 2 as of late in that role but the decline of run defense without Davis is concerning.

    IMO the Receivers are underrated and if blocking wasn’t so emphasized at UGA the group would likely rank much higher. Robertson is the downfield threat he was at Cal but hasn’t been the blocker he needs to be to see the field in Athens.


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    We only have 2 players entering their junior year of eligibility in the 2 deep, but I have an uncomfortable feeling we could lose more than just Thomas to the draft. IF the OL has a big year I could see 4 starters departing. Unlikely, but still a possibility.

    I can understand the concerns at slot. But this is as much of a veteran offense as anyone could ask for, even when you consider how few seniors we have starting.


  8. Matt

    The fact of the matter is that we lost a hell of a lot less than Alabama or Clemson did. There are certainly areas for some concern (WR, DL, perhaps RB depth), but this is about as close to a “complete” team as you’re going to get.

    Of course, Alabama and Clemson are top dogs for a reason, but I just can’t imagine either team improving on last year’s performance given what they lost and I think we have good reason to expect a significantly improved UGA team. With the gap as narrow as it is now, I would like to think that’s enough.

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