As long as you don’t miss a lot, you don’t have to throw a lot.

Today’s Gator stat, brought to you by Pete Fiutak:

Over the last five seasons, Florida is 1-7 when allowing quarterbacks to connect on 68% or more of their passes. The only win came in a blowout against UAB late in 2017.

The Gator secondary was a rock – finishing 13th in the nation in pass defense – but it got picked clean during a rough three-game stretch by Georgia’s Jake Fromm, Missouri’s Drew Lock, and South Carolina’s Jake Bentley. Those three combined to hit over 70% of their passes for an average of around 245 yards and eight touchdowns with just one pick. Florida beat the Gamecocks, but lost to the Bulldogs and Tigers. The other loss last year? Kentucky’s Terry Wilson hit 69% of his throws with two scores.

Fromm hit 70.8% of his passes in last year’s game.  He was also the only quarterback to average 10 yards an attempt against Florida’s defense in 2018.


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7 responses to “As long as you don’t miss a lot, you don’t have to throw a lot.

  1. mwo

    So he can throw slants, I get it.

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  2. Biggen

    I just went back and rewatched that game a few days ago. Man I forgot about how many TDs UGA scored on third down. Was a beautiful thing to see.

    I can say without a doubt, I’ll never worry about UF for as long as Grantham is employed as their AD there


  3. ugafidelis

    That Fromm kid might be pretty good.