Musical palate cleanser, classics edition

It’s Friday morning.  You deserve a little Allman Brothers as you head for the weekend.

Man, you can almost smell the weed burning there, can’t you?

The Allman Brothers Band.  Accept no substitutes.


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19 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, classics edition

  1. Timphd

    Best band ever.

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  2. Rampdawg

    Butch, Berry and Jaimoe what a rhythm section. Tight as a ten pound booger.

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  3. Mick Jagger

    Great musical selections lately, Senator. keep up the good work!


  4. Poon Logan

    Still upset from when Gregg passed away. : (

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  5. Atticus

    Great stuff.


  6. Texas Dawg

    Duane and Dickey didn’t play the guitar…. they made love to the instrument.


  7. RangerRuss

    That’s as good as it gets. Thanks man.


  8. Only saw these guys once ,when they were all alive, in Athens as a High school student allegedly checking out the university. Remember very little of the concert (yes, I was as thick as a brick at the time) but can still feel the vibe. It is possible that their deaths(Duane and Butch’s) saved me from becoming the Allman Brothers version of a deadhead. This,”Whipping post “and “Blue Sky: are the songs I NEVER tire of. Txs Bluto


  9. Muttley

    When the original six hit the note, as they called it, they opened up a portal to another world. No other band could howl quite like that. Glad to see Berry O getting some much-deserved love here, too.


  10. WNCDawg

    Duane, Butch, Greg, Jaimoe, Barry were elite of the elite. Butch leaving perhaps saved his life. Death in destiny follows great ones all to soon. Their trials and tribulations were as as constant as the thunder and lighting they played.
    Today their children keep up “a family tradition” but no one will ever be the ABB.


  11. WNCDawg

    Senator, yesterday I was wasting sometime on Spotify and regarding your last palate cleanser from “Black and Blue” and the Stones. I came across a old version of Mercy, Mercy by Don Convay sounds to me if you can pick up how Mick learned his vocals from a black man in 1965.
    As a kid of the 60’s one of the few radio stations I could pickup was WLAC out of Nashville,Tn. It was a true rhythm and blues station and the main disc jockey was John R ( John Richbourg, Manning, SC, record producer and manager )who happed to be white playing the brothers music. They still have a website but sadly the hip hop of the day has cut the Heart out of the the blues. Check out Don !


  12. WNCDawg

    Yet again Senator if you close your eyes on Hot Blood or a bunch of Convay’s tunes ya can hear Mick’s voice loud and clear.


  13. WNCDawg

    Sorry it’s Don Covay 1965 House of Blue Lights is impressive for 65’


  14. Mick Jagger

    Yes, and you can certainly hear Sam Cooke in Rod Stewart’s singing.


  15. Cain’t beat it with a stick.


  16. DawgFaithful

    There are NO substitutes. Best GD Band in the Land Man! #MaconGA #MacTown #Capricorn #BigHouse


  17. WNCDawg

    Bless The Big House, the trials and tribulations The Brothers Lived the MUSIC