The ball’s in your court, assholes.

Man, what’s a corrupt organization supposed to do these days?

The NCAA may have to judge Arizona’s basketball program by only what has already been presented in court and any additional evidence it finds during its own investigation.

Stan Wilcox, the NCAA’s executive vice president for regulatory affairs, told the Athletic on Thursday that federal officials will not turn over all of the information gathered in its investigation into college basketball.

“They have not agreed to provide us with all of the information we’re asking for,’’ Wilcox told the Athletic. “There are some wiretaps that were not presented in court, that may have been listened to in judge’s chambers and such, that we would love to get our hands on. But that hasn’t been offered to us at this point.’’

That’s kind of a shitty thing to do, feds. The NCAA is a taxpayer, too, you know. Uh, wait… never mind.

If the NCAA doesn’t find any additional evidence involving Arizona, and cannot corroborate allegations from court, such as Joe Pasternack’s alleged offer for Brian Bowen or Book Richardson’s wiretapped conversations about paying players, it may have to judge the Wildcats on Richardson’s guilty plea for bribery and the two NCAA violations Mark Phelps has been linked to.

If that happens, it would be a test case for NCAA bylaw, which says head coaches can be held responsible for the actions of their direct and indirect reports, facing punishments of up to a one-year suspension.

Hey, given the number of big-time programs that have been fingered, I’d say if you’re Cleveland State, you should be sweating a little right now.  ‘Cause that’s the way Emmert’s bunch likes to roll.


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4 responses to “The ball’s in your court, assholes.

  1. mp

    Doesn’t the government’s case rest on the potential for harm to the schools from these corrupt actors? Ironic that the NCAA is such a mess on enforcement that there won’t be any actual harm. It’s just a few scapegoat sneaker execs and asst coaches heading to jail for something that nobody appears to give a shit about given the lack of outrage over the fact that “they’re paying the players” (won’t somebody think of the children?!?).


  2. Cynical Dawg

    Welp, North Carolina Central University is about to get hammered by the NCAA…