“The Gator Standard needs to be better than it was under Meyer.”

Boy, when you’ve lost Neil Blackmon, Gators…


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23 responses to ““The Gator Standard needs to be better than it was under Meyer.”

  1. Bulldog Joe

    Mullen has done a fine job of restoring The Gator Standard off the field.

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  2. FlyingPeakDawg

    The gator standard should be like Chris Steele…er’body leave.


  3. ChiliDawg

    “Back up the truck! Back it up!”


  4. Prosticutor

    “…Mullen, who is, after all, an Urban Meyer protégé.” ZING!


  5. Biggen

    I hate to send that site clicks, but it sure was nice reading that!


  6. ElectroM

    “Mullen arrived in Gainesville talking about restoring the “Gator standard,” not only on the field, but off it.”
    Mission Accomplished!!


  7. practicaldawg

    The optics on this are truly terrible if it’s true that Steele looked to the coaches for help distancing himself from the Jones incident and they left him high and dry.


  8. 69Dawg

    If the head coach was unaware of the kid’s request, there will be an opening for an assistant coach in Hog Town. If he was aware and he screwed it up he is as arrogant as we think he is. Either way The Transfer Portal has stuck again and Attorney Mars can just xerox his brief. The NCAA will not do anything but roll over on this one.


    • mg4life0331

      It would be a damn shame if a lawyer is needed to get this done. It doesn’t take an overpaid bureaucrat to realize what needs to happen.


  9. Bright Idea

    Steele sensing trouble with a guy like Jones is not rare but bringing attention to it is. Perhaps they just didn’t believe him in Gatorland because Gators don’t squeal.


  10. ASEF


    Maybe that type of cultural rebuild was never in the cards for Mullen, who is, after all, an Urban Meyer protégé.

    I can imagine that line in a Wolken column after a night in a hotel with really noisy people next door and then a long flight delay at a crappy airport. But a homer blogger?

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  11. ugafidelis

    I love reading colossal disaster, Florida, and Mullen in the same sentence.


  12. Milledge Hall

    Where’s Aaron Hernandez when you need him??
    The poster boy of the “gator standard.”
    Oh yeah, he ded. He ded because of the “gator standard.”
    Dumba$$ ditch lizards!!


  13. tbia

    to be fair, none of their recruits has killed anyone yet…..that we know of.


  14. Doug

    “Florida was receiving national attention, a fixture among sleeper Playoff picks and the darlings of the post-spring national projection pieces.”

    Were they? Maybe someone who pays closer attention to post-spring rankings than I do can speak to that, but I don’t recall it.

    “This attention reached its fever pitch in April, as the national media rushed to cover Mullen and the program’s troll-happy bluster toward rival Georgia, the current kings of the SEC East.”

    Yeah, the national media were camped outside Mullen’s door, waiting on pins and needles for his . . . [drum roll] fudged spring game attendance stats.

    Methinks Blackmon still has some Kool-Aid in his system. Nurse, I’m gonna need you to pump that stomach one more time.


    • Macallanlover

      Those were the silly points I picked up as well, only a homer could have written them. No one was giving FU a chance to compete for titles, the closest anyone picked them was to be a dark horse in the SEC East…a “semi-win by default”. And the taunts by Dancing Danny were simply pathetic, and only played to the weakness of the delusional portion of a bad fanbase, the solid, but dedicated fans among them knew they were 2-3 seasons away from challenging for an SEC title, not a national one…and that was if everything broke their way in terms of building talent across the board.

      Who cared if a head coach of over a decade, and who had never even sniffed a divisional title, ran his mouth about something from long ago, and not even relevant to current status of either program. If anything, it smacked of desperation and put a spotlight on a program to insure they would get dusted. As a UGA fan, I welcomed the certainty of UGA going into JAX to get some pleasure in administering pain to a team.

      Blackmon may have taken a deep light in to the orange and blue kool aide, but it just shows how poor an objective analysis he really is. For the current situation to have opened even his lying eyes, it illustrates how bad this could become. As Russ notes below, the real question here is how someone like Steele ever fell for the FU act. He is obviously a person of character and courage to have identified, and called out the situation, that takes some cojones for an EE on campus less than 30 days, a person who is at an age where he should be shopping for tux rentals to the HS prom. I hope he lands well in his next location, which I suspect where will be on the West Coast. Well done, lad. Bravo for standing up to bad behavior and not let it take you down!


      • Doug

        Yeah, that makes it rather tough for FU fans to tar him with the usual “he didn’t have enough character to play for us” nonsense.


  15. Russ

    The guy is obviously a Gator through and through, but he makes a great point about the need to raise their standards. He is dead on about Steele having courage of his convictions. And I don’t mean the usual type of convictions the Gators are used to.


  16. Dang, and I can remember when the off season sucked and I just wanted it to be over with. Everyone have a great weekend.


  17. Derek

    And it gets worser for the gators:


    To all those that argued with me when I said Pruitt would last longer, what ya saying today?


  18. Let’s not forget Mr. Florida Football Carson Beck dropping the QB whisperer for the Dawgs. Good times.