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On your knees, Dan.

If you’ve enjoyed This Week in Florida Football as much as I have — immensely, in other words — allow me to introduce you to the cherry on top of the sundae.

A source told ESPN.com that Steele made Florida staff members aware of his complaints about Jones, dating to January, and that multiple complaints were made. What the specific complaints referenced is unknown, but Steele was requesting to be relocated from the dorm.

The Florida staff did not immediately move Steele, and didn’t plan to move him until the summer, and when Steele’s name was associated with the police reports from Jones’ accusation, it exacerbated the concerns Steele had, according to a source.

Florida coach Dan Mullen has tried to reconcile the situation as the former ESPN 300 defensive back, ranked No. 95 in the 2019 class out of St. John Bosco high school in Bellflower, California, was in line to contribute this upcoming season after enrolling early at Florida.

Mullen and his wife, Megan, travelled to Steele’s home Wednesday, according to a source, and apologized to Steele, making an effort to have him rejoin the team. Steele returning to the Gators is not out of the question, as a source told ESPN.com that the Steele family thinks very highly of Mullen, but it will be difficult as Steele was traumatized by being associated with the police report.  [Emphasis added.]

Groveling is good for the Gator soul.  Well, I don’t know about that, but it’s pretty good for this Bulldog soul.

The Cocktail Party smack talk is pretty much writing itself at this point.



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“It’s positive.”

Honestly, it’s hard to blame Georgia Tech for moving five games from BDS to MBS when the math adds up like this:

The athletic department estimates that the five games will generate $10 million more in revenue than if the games were to be held at Bobby Dodd Stadium, according to documents obtained in an open-records request. Moreover, the projection is based off of conservative ticket-sales figures.

That will just cover the athletic department’s $9.5 million deficit for this year.  ($6 million of that comes from the changeover from Johnson to Collins.  Just imagine how much bigger that would be if Tech had fired the genius.)

My two favorite tidbits from the report are:

  • “For the two ACC games — Tech is at home against North Carolina, Pittsburgh and Virginia Tech in both 2021 and 2023, along with Boston College in 2021 and Louisville in 2023 — Tech is planning to use only the lower bowl, which has a capacity of 45,000.”  Why go to MBS, then?  You could have the same empty seating in the friendly confines of beautiful Bobby Dodd Stadium, no?
  • Alcohol will be sold at all five games.  That’s a merciful thing to offer Tech fans.


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