“It’s positive.”

Honestly, it’s hard to blame Georgia Tech for moving five games from BDS to MBS when the math adds up like this:

The athletic department estimates that the five games will generate $10 million more in revenue than if the games were to be held at Bobby Dodd Stadium, according to documents obtained in an open-records request. Moreover, the projection is based off of conservative ticket-sales figures.

That will just cover the athletic department’s $9.5 million deficit for this year.  ($6 million of that comes from the changeover from Johnson to Collins.  Just imagine how much bigger that would be if Tech had fired the genius.)

My two favorite tidbits from the report are:

  • “For the two ACC games — Tech is at home against North Carolina, Pittsburgh and Virginia Tech in both 2021 and 2023, along with Boston College in 2021 and Louisville in 2023 — Tech is planning to use only the lower bowl, which has a capacity of 45,000.”  Why go to MBS, then?  You could have the same empty seating in the friendly confines of beautiful Bobby Dodd Stadium, no?
  • Alcohol will be sold at all five games.  That’s a merciful thing to offer Tech fans.


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25 responses to ““It’s positive.”

  1. Muttley

    Another way they could generate more revenue is by changing out the home team. Maybe they wouldn’t even have to give up the hot dog and Coke.


    • Muttley

      I.e., “Come see North Carolina vs. ??? (NOT Tech!)”

      Failing that, I think they’ve actually tried tech football + a puppet show, right? (It was a Muppet film, but that counts).

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  2. Bulldog Joe

    Expensive to rent that place out and it doesn’t even have a Waffle House like SunTrust Park.

    Perhaps they’re the opening act for a United match?


  3. Bulldog Joe

    $250 per ticket to see a Georgia Tech football game?


  4. Those 5 acc games don’t have a university with a true traveling fan base…NO MERCY RULE for fech and flag boy, let them remember Sunday what they witnessed on Thursday, Friday or when ever …..GO DAWGS!


  5. Mayor

    The Genius “retiring” is the best thing that could have happened to the Tech Athletics Association. They were in a huge hole for years because of giving big contracts with big buyouts to mediocre coaches particularly in basketball.


  6. Muttley

    How’s about this: free hot dog, Coke, backrub from the Goldfellas?


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    $10 million MORE in revenue? I say that’s b.s. They’re renting MBS and likely giving up at least a portion of parking and concessions. Plus, gtu has to purchase tickets if they don’t sell.

    This is nothing more than the hotdogs and cokes lure at an industrial scale. I doubt the results will be significantly different. The assumption that fans are gonna flock to MBS rather than attend a game a mile away on campus is questionable at best. Maybe a one time deal would’ve boosted some interest. But repetition removes the novelty factor. And it’s equivalent to giving up home games for a neutral field with nothing in return from the opponent. gtu may as well advertise in the opponent’s media area and pray the opposing fans show up en masse. Talk about desperate moves.

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    • Bulldog Joe

      GT football was stale after so many years of Chan and CPJ’s triple option.

      They needed some juice. Even if it’s fake juice.

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    • The other Doug

      The numbers don’t add up.

      It says they will get $5 million for the Clemson game which is $3 million more than they would make if the game was on campus. Later it says GT will get $4.4 for each of the two ND games, so that’s another $8.8 million.

      How did we get to $10 million? Do they plan on losing money having the remaining games at MBS?


    • Gaskilldawg

      W Cobb, what makes sense us that Tech has a lot more tickets to sell to Clemson and Notre Dame fans in a 70,000 stadium than in a 51,000 seat stadium and Tech will sell those tickets at a higher price than at Grant Field.
      They will make the money off of the fans of the visiting team.


      • If that’s the case, they should move the Georgia game to MBS for at least every other game in Atlanta. For the right price, Georgia fans who can’t get tickets to a good game in Athens would buy every one of those 19,000 additional tickets.


  8. Russ

    So they’re moving to MBS and only using the lower bowl? Isn’t that like the high school playoffs? Geez, that’s embarrassing.


  9. Milledge Hall

    When that damn dump of a recreation facility only had one name, I called it Grant’s Tomb. Then when they added another name, I called it The Dudd, after two-time quitter that was their coach.
    Now, it’s time to demolish the dump, since it’s useless to the trade school!


  10. Muttley

    Alcohol is a depressant, so not sure how that’ll go with the coming ramblin’ wreckage. Those new hempburgers, though, might help. If PJ was still there, Geniusball on some special brownies in half-house seating might have been…whoa…


  11. What most of you are missing here is that a scheduling change was made by the ACC after a binding agreement was made to allow Lambda Lambda Lambda to use Bobby Dodd stadium on those weekends. Thus the move to the Bentz.


  12. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    As others have observed, not sure the numbers add up the way Tech thinks they do. They may be good at calculus. Accounting, not so much.


  13. Hobnail_Boot

    Given MBS concession pricing, this certainly does the impossible: devalues free Cokes and hot dogs.


  14. PTC DAWG