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So this is what it’s come to.

Florida players taking to social media…

… to deny they’re leaving Gainesville.

It feels like we’re on the cusp of a new golden age of Gator football, doesn’t it?




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Kirby talks Jake.

Pretty strong defense here:

“Experience. When you play in our league, there is nowhere to hide. You cannot hide in our league. You cannot hide behind a running game, you cannot hide behind a short passing game. You have to be able to play the game, get your protections right. I mean he goes into the toughest environments for two years now and has played really well.

The games that he has not won, we have not supported him defensively all the time.

Man, when Kirbs is willing to throw his defense under the bus a little, you know he likes his starting quarterback.


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“Under Collins, Georgia Tech appears to want to be the coolest program in the sport.”

Good luck with that, fellas.

Not many coaches have their lead graphic designer in on staff meetings, but fewer — if any — spend the kind of time Collins does working directly with the man everyone calls Morpheus.

(Why Morpheus? Because, according to Suddes, “When you go into his office, he’s tied into the Matrix.” His real name, for the record, is Santino Stancato, and his title is brand manager.)

Morpheus and Collins are peas in a pod.

Part of me thinks that following after a decade of the genius, Collins has to throw whatever he can against the wall to generate some life again and see what sticks.  I can hardly blame him for that.  But the other part of me wonders whether embracing your inner Dragon*Con is really an effective way to promote Georgia Tech football.  Assuming there is an effective way, that is…


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“Cager chuckles at the irony of it all.”

The weirdest part of Lawrence Cager’s journey to Athens has to be this:

“My mind went to Athens as soon as I made a decision to be a Bulldog, I felt right at home,” Cager said. “Coming out of high school, I’d wanted to be a Georgia Bulldog from the jump.”

Back then Mark Richt was the Georgia head coach and UGA didn’t have any scholarships remaining when Cager looked to commit.

That may be the first time I’ve ever heard a player was told by Richt there was no room at the inn.  Roster management, for the… er, loss?


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The opposite of fake juice

Finebaum being Finebaum, he had to ask Kirby what he thought about Mullen’s recent spate of trolling.  Kirby, being Kirby, had this to say in response:

“I just don’t know that there is a lot that we control by the words we say. Football is so much to me is played between the lines and the physicality of the people that play it. We are going to play a brand of football at Georgia that is physical and tough. We do not really want to talk to the opponents.

“If I go out and do that as a coach, how do I look to my players? It is not something that I enjoy doing or want to do. I just want to go work really hard and grind and play the game and may the best team win.

“I just don’t think you need that. That is not going to make Georgia great. We are not going to move up in the rankings by what I say. We are going to do it by how we play. We want to talk with our helmets. That is what we always talk about – we want to play a physical brand of football and not do it with our mouthpiece.”

I know some of you have over the years embraced your inner Richt about Georgia’s long stretch of Cocktail Party futility — the travel, the weather, Florida’s home state, etc.  For me, it’s been about mindset first and foremost.  Spurrier, give him credit, got in the Dawgs’ heads from the get-go and never let up.  Corch managed that, as well.  And don’t get me started on Zook.

Even in years when the talent level was similar or perhaps favored Georgia, it seemed like the boys in red and black usually went in without an expectation of winning.  That’s a demon Smart has exorcised.

On a related note, how chippy do you think things get in pre-game warmups this year?


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