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A touching commitment story

You guys know I don’t like digging into commitment stories, because commitments don’t mean anything until Mr. Star signs his NLI/enrolls.

I’m making an exception today, though, ’cause this is an image too good not to share here.

Have a nice day, Lulu and Junior.



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Drag it out.

One little tidbit about this year’s CFP… it’s gonna be a long one.

Extra time to prep and extra time to recover from injuries might make for some interesting tactical decisions.


UPDATE:  They’re spreading the New Year’s bowl games over three days this season.

“The Capital One Orange Bowl was presented with a unique opportunity by our partners, including ESPN, Capital One, the ACC, Big Ten, SEC, Notre Dame, the Miami Dolphins and the CFP, to play this year’s game on Monday, December 30 in primetime,” Orange Bowl Committee president José C. Romano said in a statement. “With other bowl games planned for the early afternoon window on January 1, this move enables our game to stand alone as the only bowl game staged on Monday night, when fans are used to viewing football games. We are confident this traditional start time will be a positive for both the out of town and local fans who attend our game, as well as the television viewers across the country.”

Bottom line, college football only has one real tradition now:  kissing Mickey’s ass.


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Life comes at you fast, especially in the 404.

This StingTalk message thread, like so many of its ilk, has aged well, no?


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Context, strength of schedule edition

In his preview, Bill Connelly thinks pretty highly of Notre Dame.  Some examples of that:

  • The header reads, “Can Notre Dame gain any ground on Clemson and Bama?”
  • The sub-header reads, “Brian Kelly’s building a case to perhaps be considered the most successful coach outside the top two.”
  • “Mind you, they’ll likely be a top-15 team again.”
  • “… they’re perhaps just an upset or two away from a return to the Playoff.”
  • “Per S&P+, the Irish are double-digit favorites in nine games…”

The finish to that last quote?  “… and a two-touchdown underdog at Georgia.”

Maybe we should be asking if Notre Dame can gain any ground on the Dawgs.


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Today, in As The Gator World Turns

In Gainesville, it’s just another day in paradise, as Trevon Grimes wishes Chris Steele, a (for now, anyway) former teammate whom Dan Mullen is trying to coax back onto the reservation, a prosperous future.

I’m sure Dan is grateful for having his message stepped on.  Social media, for the win!

Damn, I can hardly wait for Mullen’s turn at the podium at SEC Media Days this year.


UPDATE:  I figure it’s only a matter of time until Gator players cite the departure of one of their own (because, remember, he didn’t want to room with someone accused of sexual assault) as a bonding moment.


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“It takes away … the middleman in making the connection.”

This is a good look at the logistics of the transfer portal.  As the header quote indicates, the most important thing the portal has accomplished is to make the transfer process more efficient for the coaches…

“Before it was by word of mouth,” Minnesota coach P.J. Fleck said. “Somebody gave you a call, ‘This guy might be transferring,’ and get going. Now, it’s every day we have people that are in our program checking the portal.”

… while making it easier for transferring players to get exposure.

The portal provides more exposure for the transferring player and, ostensibly, more opportunities. Instead of deals being struck under the table even before players officially were granted their release, now every school in the country has chance to make a pitch.

Hard to see how that’s not a good thing for both sides.

Georgia coach Kirby Smart compared working the portal to NFL teams having a portion of their scouting department dedicated to veteran free agents.

“We just happen to have a larger pool (of players), which is the portal,” Smart said. “We know most of the guys on the board because we knew them coming out of high school and so we had a background on that. We said, ‘yeah, we didn’t think that guy was very good there and that’s why he’s leaving. So we’ll pass. That guy is an intriguing guy because we don’t have that position or we just had a mass exodus of three guys leave some position, juniors came out early we weren’t expecting. Better go to the portal, find a good backup.'”

Sounds like a plan.


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“I am confident that no charges will be filed against Mr. Young.”

Welcome to the 404, young man.  Sounds like you’ll fit right in.

His life changed dramatically late on the night of Dec. 14, however. Police allege that Young and a friend took a GPS device, Oakley sunglasses and a flashlight out of a truck in an apartment parking lot in Bentonville.

However, state prosecutors did not charge Young. Instead, on Feb. 27, Young was placed in a diversion program. By the rules of the program, if Young does not commit any criminal offenses and maintains good behavior over the next 12 months (from the program’s start) and completes 96 hours of community service, state prosecutors will not bring forward any charges.

It’s not the brush with the law that makes him special in any way.  Kids do dumb things all the time.  It’s the spectacular passive-aggressive attitude after the arrest that makes him a real winner.

He’s got a chip on his shoulder because he was young enough to qualify for a diversion program?  Ho-kay, man.  Enjoy you some Waffle House.


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