Context, strength of schedule edition

In his preview, Bill Connelly thinks pretty highly of Notre Dame.  Some examples of that:

  • The header reads, “Can Notre Dame gain any ground on Clemson and Bama?”
  • The sub-header reads, “Brian Kelly’s building a case to perhaps be considered the most successful coach outside the top two.”
  • “Mind you, they’ll likely be a top-15 team again.”
  • “… they’re perhaps just an upset or two away from a return to the Playoff.”
  • “Per S&P+, the Irish are double-digit favorites in nine games…”

The finish to that last quote?  “… and a two-touchdown underdog at Georgia.”

Maybe we should be asking if Notre Dame can gain any ground on the Dawgs.



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16 responses to “Context, strength of schedule edition

  1. Al

    The media want them in it so badly.

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  2. Got Cowdog

    I actually read the whole article and while my RC ain’t what it used to be, I didn’t see one mention in Bill’s glorification of seasons past the game where a ranked ND team got it’s ass handed to it by a team that had gone 8-5 the previous season. And the team that did the handing had a true freshman QB making his first start. That played the eventual national champions to a standstill. And again the following year.
    Never mind the obvious; That ND is likely to get smoked by UGA this year Bill. Continue the ND fellating because if they do somehow manage to win the rest of the games on their weak assed schedule ans get in to the CFP, UGA will be happy to spank their asses again.

    “Rudy- Rudy -Rudy!!!”

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    • Umm… “got it’s ass handed to it”?

      I was there, holding my breath until the late strip sack. If that’s what it feels like to hand one’s ass to someone, I’ve been doing it wrong all this time. 😉

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      • Greg

        He was talking about their fans….ours versus theirs.


        • “… where a ranked ND team got it’s ass handed to it by a team…”

          Uh, no, he wasn’t. Thanks for trying, though.

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          • Got Cowdog

            Revisionist history for the win!


            • Got Cowdog

              Let me qualify my statement just a bit: (and I was pretty sure ND was top 10 coming in in 17. If not, oh well the media certainly acted like they were… sue me.) I wasn’t at the game so I didn’t get the picture that y’all did. I was in section HD. But I’ve said it before here, by the 4th quarter it appeared to me that ND was hanging on for dear life. I wasn’t sweating it as much as you were, Senator. What I saw during the ND game (and I WAS at the App State game the week before) was a team realizing how good it actually was and playing like it. There was an atmosphere or attitude I had not seen from a UGA team before, or at least in a very long time. Again, this may be a little bit revisionist, but I remember thinking as time ran out that had they played another quarter Georgia would have run them out of the stadium. ND looked tired and desperate on the screen to me. The Dawgs looked like they were ready to make a double header out of it. Again I may be a revisionist fanboy and YMMV, but that’s what I saw.
              And yes we handed their ass to them ….by 1 point. 🙂 .Go Dawgs!


              • willypmd

                I was at the game too and never felt like we were going to win that game until the final sack put it away. Hell Notre Dame led basically the entire game if I remember correctly


              • ND was ranked 24th going into that game. ND had the biggest lead of the game, at 10-3. UGA never led by more than one point. Before the strip sack, ND had just completed a 17-yard pass for a first down and only needed a FG to win.

                Felt pretty tight to me at the time. 😉


  3. Greg

    Catering to a pretty big following, I guess I can’t blame him. Probably start out 2 & 0 before they meet the dawgs, an early two top 5 teams. Can see a 14-21 point ass spanking by the Dawgs…..only for ND to remain in the top 10, they eventually sneak in as a top 4 team as the regular season to ends.


  4. Since we’re on a nd topic, how does the irish wave enough power in the decision of new years bowl game scheduling as mentioned in a previous note concerning the mother ship and several conferences (am aware of the deal between the peacock and nd)…