“It takes away … the middleman in making the connection.”

This is a good look at the logistics of the transfer portal.  As the header quote indicates, the most important thing the portal has accomplished is to make the transfer process more efficient for the coaches…

“Before it was by word of mouth,” Minnesota coach P.J. Fleck said. “Somebody gave you a call, ‘This guy might be transferring,’ and get going. Now, it’s every day we have people that are in our program checking the portal.”

… while making it easier for transferring players to get exposure.

The portal provides more exposure for the transferring player and, ostensibly, more opportunities. Instead of deals being struck under the table even before players officially were granted their release, now every school in the country has chance to make a pitch.

Hard to see how that’s not a good thing for both sides.

Georgia coach Kirby Smart compared working the portal to NFL teams having a portion of their scouting department dedicated to veteran free agents.

“We just happen to have a larger pool (of players), which is the portal,” Smart said. “We know most of the guys on the board because we knew them coming out of high school and so we had a background on that. We said, ‘yeah, we didn’t think that guy was very good there and that’s why he’s leaving. So we’ll pass. That guy is an intriguing guy because we don’t have that position or we just had a mass exodus of three guys leave some position, juniors came out early we weren’t expecting. Better go to the portal, find a good backup.'”

Sounds like a plan.


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3 responses to ““It takes away … the middleman in making the connection.”

  1. chopdawg

    Sounds like the waiver wire, in MLB.


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    Kirby is the kind of guy who always has his radar on anyway. Not sure the portal helps us as much as lazy coaches or schools with fewer resources. But I’m sure Kirbs will continue to use this effectively.

    I checked the portal for the first time just the other day. No shortage of QBs. Most other positions looked like slim pickings.