BREAKING: The secret to Gus’ 2019 success

It’s not taking back the playcalling ($$), peeps.  Well, not exactly, anyway.

His return to his roots, combined with a performance from a reenergized Kevin Steele defense, led to a record-breaking rout of Purdue in late December. Following the Music City Bowl win, Malzahn seems more at home in this role than the out-of-place CEO he was the last few seasons. There’s an air of quiet confidence around the Plains with the head coach getting back to his old ways.

“I really do see a different Coach Malzahn,” senior defensive end Marlon Davidson said. “It’s kind of hard to explain because Coach Malzahn is not the type of guy that y’all think he is. I saw him listen to Kodak Black one time. He’s really evolving.”

You’ve been warned, SEC.



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16 responses to “BREAKING: The secret to Gus’ 2019 success

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    His roots? Is he going back to coaching high school?


  2. Russ2

    Anybody know what Kodak Black is ? I guess i’m not evolving.

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    • ClydeBoogie

      A rapper that stays in trouble. Damn Marlon listening to Kodak Black is evolving? Sound like Gus smokin some of that wacky weed.


  3. Milledge Hall

    I’m assuming it’s a bear indigenous to the Alaska, Northwest Canada region.
    Either that, or we aint’t WOKE!


  4. Biggen

    Does anyone really think Gus will be around for 2020? He has to win the SEC to keep his job imo.


    • Biggus Rickus

      His buyout is still huge next year. I think that ridiculous contract after 2017 will keep him there through 2020. At that point, he’s probably gone if he doesn’t manage another run like 2017.


      • Biggen

        I guess I just don’t think colleges care how much buyouts/new salaries cost any longer. They promise the boosters that the next hire will be THE hire and the boosters fall for it.

        I’d wager he has to beat either UGA or Bama AND make it to the SEC championship this year in order to keep his job.


    • Otto

      Auburn does best when under estimated by the press and Auburn’s firing of coaches is overblown by opposing fan bases especially Bama and Tennessee who have had plenty of turnover.

      I give credit to Gus for taking the offense back, Richt didn’t do that even when he hired a dud for OC.


  5. Rocketdawg

    Quite simply the Gus Bus only works when he has a senior laden O-Line and a big back that can run between the tackles. Throw in a dual threat QB that can get to the edge on the misdirection plays and that offense is tough to defend. That being said when one or more of those ingredients aren’t present his offense is predictable and is easily defended.

    The Barn will have a good defense this year but will they score enough points to be competitive against UGA and Bama?


    • JCDawg83

      I’m not a coach or football expert but won’t any offense work well with those three things in place?

      It seems to me that the Gus Bus only runs properly when it has a qb with a felony arrest that has been kicked off of another SEC team. Gus is a pure high school coach. He can only win big if he has a generational talent player.


      • Doug

        I have this mental image of Gus calling Bo Nix and Joey Gatewood into his office to try to convince one of them to commit a felony, just to try and get some of that mojo back. “C’mon, Bo, just one little GTA or possession with intent. You know your family’s royalty around here—we’ll make sure community service is your worst-case scenario. Your team needs you!”


  6. Spike

    The Barners are all jazzed up over The Music City Bowl win over the Boilers, huh? Bless their pea pickin’ hearts..


  7. Comin' Down The Track

    Is there ever going to be a season that Auburn (despite having to play, UGA, Bammer and LSWhoo every year and whining about that non-stop) will not be on the verge of winning the National Championship in the sports media in May?


  8. Classic City Canine

    Not every coach can play the CEO role well (see Richt) so credit where credit is due if Gus is returninging to his strength. Every sign points toward Auburn having problems but then again they always have talent and they regularly perform the opposite of the prediction.


  9. UGA '97

    Awesome Gus. Now back to these fired Head Coach messages brought to you by Auburn’s fall schedule, and sponsored by Allen Greene & Hugh Freeze.