For the good times

You know, I don’t think it should come as a surprise to any of you that it’s tougher to blog about college football during the dead period from May through July.

So I’d like to take a moment to thank the University of Florida for helping me get through what’s usually a slow time.  This post’s gratitude comes via an Andy Staples piece about colleges finally getting around to schedule upgrades.  Watch how he sticks the landing:

After years of being asked to pay for full-priced tickets to half-assed games, fans began voting with their (whole) butts. They stopped showing up for the games that serve only to give the home team a win and the visiting team a check. The tickets were still sold in most cases, but concessions went un-bought and the empty seats gave athletic directors and coaches pause. They knew once the butt has opted out, the wallet that rests on the butt isn’t far behind.

Georgia dove headfirst into the breach. Bulldogs coach Kirby Smart professed a desire for three Power 5 nonconference games a year. Georgia—which already plays Georgia Tech every year—set up games with Oklahoma (2023 and 2031), Clemson (’29, ’30, ’31, ’33), Florida State (’27 and ’28) and Texas (’28 and ’29). As Georgia announced the last of these matchups last week, Florida athletic director Scott Stricklin hinted on Wednesday that the Gators—who hadn’t played an out-of-state nonconference game on another school’s campus since visiting Syracuse in 1991—also were about to announce some home-and-home series against Power 5 opponents.

The next day, Florida announced a series with Colorado in 2028 and ’29. That underwhelmed the Florida fans who wanted something resembling Georgia’s list. But on Friday, Florida announced a series with Texas in 2030 and ’31. This was met with the appropriate amount of glee, but fans who will be asked to pay actual money for a 2020 home schedule of Eastern Washington–Kentucky–South Alabama–LSU–Missouri–South Carolina–New Mexico State naturally wondered if there might be some interesting nonconference games outside of the Florida State series before everyone has flying cars. Stricklin says he’s working on it.

(Which would be one fewer than Georgia’s stated goal. Not that anyone is keeping score other than everyone.)

When Greg McGarity is outdoing a rival AD at his job, it gets harder for me to keep the smug tone down.  I appreciates you, Gators.


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9 responses to “For the good times

  1. Hogbody Jetson

    +1 for the flying cars reference.

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  2. BMan

    +2 for what I believe was a subtle Letterkenny reference with the “I appreciates you” comment.

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    • Comin' Down The Track

      Right? I was about to say, “Is that what you appreciate about the Gators, Dan?” 😆


  3. Go Dawgs!

    Georgia-Florida went from being an afterthought for the Gators to being a rivalry dominated by the Bulldogs seemingly overnight, and I am HERE FOR IT. I’ve never seen Gator fans so concerned about Georgia on Twitter during an offseason before, and stuff like this just adds to it. May Kirby keep leading the lizards around by the noses for many years to come.

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  4. Greg’s new boss is simply better. So he is taking orders with the best of em


    • gastr1

      ^This right here, I tells ya. We all know McGarity wouldn’t have the stones to do this on his own. (We might not win some of those games!)

      Hmm. I wonder…which does McGarity enjoy more, an easy cupcake win or all the dollars from game-day concessions sales?


  5. Muttley

    Gaders is Senatorbait.


  6. Comin' Down The Track

    Andy Staples is a Gator that I do not hate. There. I said it.


  7. WNCDawg

    Biggest issue is CUP CAKES wanting more $$$ to throw their souls to the Power 5’s…….. what deals were made were in the $500,000-$750,000 range are now payouts that are getting to the $1.5 Mil to throw their student athletes on the sword. So rather then McGoofy seeing the McGill Clansmen sell those seats to the non season ticket holders price to see the Dawgs one game a year. Future scheduling by 6-8-10 years of the 5’s will bring a steady rise to the McGiller’s tickets ( not this year but wait, it’s coming ) where those get in one time a year folks won’t be there and the Corporate folks buy more for their clients who could give Rats #$&)”)**&*( about the Dawgs plus it’s more comfy in the boxes with piped in closed circuit with out commercial breaks and free food and booze ) Bonus it’s easier to do business in the air conditioning rather than have a 18 handicapper try to hit a drive on a 495 yard par four at Lake Oconee on a September/October day in 95 degree heat. Whatcha got Loren ?